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Premonition Of Car Crash


I want to start out and say that I have always been sensitive to energy and I am empathic by nature. I've only ever had two premonitions that came to me in two different dreams. The first premonition came to me in the form of a lucid dream one morning. I dreamt that my fiance had come home and woke me up. We proceeded to go to his car and drive off when he started asking me, "What are you afraid of?" At this time I had been researching a lot into the connection between encounters with the Greys and sleep paralysis. So, naturally, I responded that I was afraid of the Greys. The next thing he said is what made me realize something wasn't right, in which my fiance began telling me, "You need to go to the light." He kept repeating it until the dream faded and I woke up. It certainly raised questions in my mind upon awakening what exactly this message meant. Prior to having the lucid dream I did float out of my body and saw my roommate's spirit guide (I later confirmed this with him) along with what I believe to be was my spirit guides also. I did not speak with them, alas, and instead tried to fly up into space; which unfortunately resulted in a sharp pain in my chest that pulled me back in my body as soon as I got near the edge of the planet.

The second premonition came about a month later and I did not immediately remember it after I had awoken; the only thing I remembered was awakening to a sharp pain in my chest. It came to me much later that day very vividly while I was at work. The dream was of my fiance and I driving down a familiar road in our town and we had gotten into a crash head on. I remembered feeling that strange, painful pull in my chest as soon as we made impact with the other car. It was identical to the feeling I got when I was flying into space. At this point, I'm pretty freaked out thinking I am going to die in a car crash.

It took a month before it finally happened, on the same road as in my dream, I almost got into a major wreck on the same road in my dream. I remember at the time of the incident that it felt as if something took over my body, and I remember telling myself that I wasn't going to get into a wreck. Somehow, I managed to get myself around two cars coming at me without a scratch. At the time I was completely spooked, I had to pull over and calm myself down. I was, however, very happy because it really confirmed to me that someone must be watching over me.

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carriwill (8 stories) (98 posts)
6 years ago (2017-09-03)
Good thing you had warning. The dream or vision warned you of thing to come. Precognition is what you had.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
kittahkatt, you are very fortunate to have seen this incident coming, and very well done for making the right connection and thinking the right thoughts at the time. You might be going through a phase of transformation where your gifts start revealing themselves to you, and your help/ers start doing so. In your story you said, something took hold of your body mixed in with the thought that you were going to get through the event safely? That is a good place to start for help when you feel worried or anxious about a situation, you can even ask in your mind "please help me? I know you are there, please show me what is the right thing to do and keep me safe". It will work the same way that it did in the car.

Best wishes!

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