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Shadows Appear When We Do "something"


My best friend and I are not mundanes. She was born with it. I wasn't, technically. So, if you've read my first post "Dreaming Prior to Meeting", the person I met was my best friend. My Best Friend is a Taker. I'm a Giver. Many would say it is dangerous to just pass on energy to one another to sustain each one. But, you see, I am bound to her in some way. No, I am not her familiar. She did has some before but she let them go.

Anyways, on the night I took the oath to protect her, to protect her lover and her first born (in the future). She passed something to me, I guess a part of her so in any case I needed to find her, "non-mundanely" I can. The problem is, I could not take her scent or find her using her scent. She can find me using my Persona and my scent. And with that, she took some energy from me to dispel the Shadows following her.

There's this one time, she called me. I'm not sure why but she sounded weak. And she told me to got to my room, locked it and lay down. She told me to find her. I panicked because I don't know how. I panicked more when she said it's life and death. She instructed me to relax and closed my eyes, to follow my instinct. So I did. I did like I was meditating. And, I'm not sure but I think I saw her, lying down, in a grey room. She looked pale and scared. Then at the side of her, there was a shadow. It's feature was of a man, static, instead of a black silhouette. I told her there was someone beside her. She got quiet and said, it's not supposed to be there.

I don't know how to dispel the shadow but I did. By shear force, I think. And he was gone. Then I could feel my body was warming up, and like something is draining energy from me. Back then, I realized, I did right and that I did found her.

Since then, there are times I could feel her emotions. Especially when she's sad or lonely and vice versa. We had this link before we went to a rough patch. I thought it was severed due to our fights. But I think what happened to us just strengthens it. I love my best friend more than anything in the world. She saved me at some point. So, no matter what, from whatever or whoever, I will protect her. I just wish I had enough abilities to do it. Afterall, I was not born with it, rather, technically, passed on to / learned from.

There was also this one time, we were in a fast food chain together with her boyfriend. They were having a silent misunderstanding. And when they made up, suddenly, my best friend covered her hand on her face. Then she started counting. I knew from that point that she was counting shadows appearing. She counted 8 and asked where? Her boyfriend seems elusive but he believes, sort of. When he went out, my best friend told me where. I could not see the shadows, nor hear or sense them. I just know that there are because I did see them when I located her.

But I think I did, about few nights ago. At the corner of my eyes, something dark-grey passed by. I asked my seatmate if she noticed someone passed by but she said she didn't. I checked the hallway but there's no one there.

My best friend also went to our house and told me there's a "Guard" in our place but it wasn't guarding me but my Dad. I don't know why but my dad's a mundane. I know that these "Guards" guard us non-mundanes. So... I don't know.

Please feel free to comment. I need your insights on this. Thanks

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Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
:D Thanks, mate. Yeah, I'll keep this in mind.:D

Thank you, you just reminded me of something good... Someone told me of the same thing as you said right now. Thanks, I really really do appreciate it.:) God bless to you.:)
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Cassie_1008, I have just read your response. Well, if she is a good part of your life then, keep her in it! By doing all of the things that I mentioned below, you should already start fighting off the "baddies".

Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
You should take some rest! I appreciate you giving your insight despite how you are now, please, take some rest. Get some chocolate if you can, it always helps:)
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Cassie_1008, I also want to warn you not to allow the things of the past that worried you, burden you or make you feel sad to be in your life at the moment. If you can see the problems, you can change them! You don't see your family any more? A lot of people feel like they don't belong with their family, or feel like "outsiders". So, they don't feel like they deserve, love and happiness! This is NOT true! You deserve to be loved, happy and safe, and live a life where you are happy too! People are just... People! We are all wrong and we are all flawed and make mistakes. You are no different to any body else in that regard, it is just that people use it in such a way as to make you feel bad about yourself.

I am trying to say, recognize the bad thoughts and feelings that you have and push them away-and-out of your life. Away-And-Out! You are a good person. And the person who does receive your love must deserve it! You should make a list of positive thoughts, no matter how small or silly and say them to yourself (out-loud or in-your-head) every morning.
"I am a clear thinking and intelligent person".
"I am healthy and happy".
"My life has purpose".
"I am capable of love and giving love".
"I am a honest, good and caring partner".
I know it seems SO stupid! But, honestly I have tried this and it worked really well after a few months! Like, silly little phrases that you say back to yourself during the day. At least, you are not thinking, "oh, no! So-and-so hates me... I am not good enough..."
Also, when you make a decision about what to do next, first think about whether it makes you happy or sad, and whether it will do good, Sometimes, you make a cup of coffee for your friend because she is sick but then, sometimes you make a cup of coffee for someone who never does the same for you or even thinks about inviting you somewhere when they're having coffee".

Think about what would really make you happy, and keep doing things that will make you end-up-there! If somebody doesn't help you get there or doesn't support you, try and give that as little time as possible. Don't let it take over your life and your happiness - remember? "I am healthy and happy".
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
OMG, you just don't know how your comment affected me now... That is simply happening, currently. <amused>. I do miss her, most of the time.:)

She does care. One time, she told me that I always in her mind, thinking of what I'm doing, how am I feeling, if I feel off. She's concerned that I might get depressed at some point. So, even if I'm against it, she and her boyfriend tag me along. But yeah, we get out sometimes, but not that often.

When she calls, I go. When I need her, she's there. I understand what you're saying and I see that now. Guess I have more reason to protect her, eh? Hehehe. Yeah, we're both in the same Church, and, yeah, you're probably right, we should do something that both of us are happy.

But, thanks KikiGirl, a minute there I thought I'll have to wait a bit longer for another reply, LOLS!:D
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
I forgot to say Thank you! Sorry, where are my manners. ( [at] . [at] ) Thank for your insight KikiGirl, I really do appreciate it.
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Cassie_1008, thank-you for responding! For a second there, I didn't think you would but you have, and it shows a strong level of sincerity, determination and maturity.

I did not think you described a person who has fully naturalized with the world in any negative light, whatsoever! I am sorry if this comment doesn't have the answer/s you are looking for, I am feeling a bit drained myself and this makes my intuition a bit foggy or dismantles it entirely.

I do understand you want to protect your friend, and you would do anything for her! I am just worried that because she is "sensitive", she may "bring" something into her life and because she is your best friend or you guys are so close, it may cause "something" to happen and you are caught in the crossfire.

People don't know how to always help you in the way that you want. You might want them to just care about you, give you a phone-call once in a while, but, they're too busy running their own life. It's unfair that you want to give so much, and she just receives the benefits, love and happiness. You should both give and both take. You love her laugh and personality so you feel like you owe her, but, she gives her personality and laugh, as she is to any one of her friends or boy friend/s.

I am trying to advize you to find a way to do things together that make both of you happy. If you give her energy, she should do the same back or if she can't because she is a "taker", she should take you out to the movies or make you a smoothie (a drink with a lot of mixed fruit and fruit juice). You mustn't think or feel this in the wrong way - you mustn't ask her to do this for the wrong/selfish reasons. You have to first love yourself and then, she can love you. You must first be happy on your own, and then she can keep you company more often. You must first find out what you like about yourself, instead of, changing yourself for people the way they want you to be, or expecting a boyfriend or girlfriend to give you that answer.

If you are in a healthy and happy space, she will also feel better - just naturally! I am sure she worries that you give too much, so, she will worry that somebody takes advantage of you. If you are in a healthy and happy space, she will also be able to see this and she won't have to feel bad to ask for your energy to use for her problems.

****I wish you all the best! *Hugs
Cassie_1008 (3 stories) (10 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-13)
Hi Kikigirl. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say anything bad about mundanes. I just don't know how to describe us, discreetly. Sorry. But yes, we may just knew each other for a year, but it felt like forever. I knew from the beginning that I ought to protect her.

But my problem is now is that I could not track her or find her like how she does with me. Whenever we're apart and when she needs my energy, (I don't mind actually, I'm giving it freely because I love her), she would locate me using my scent or persona. I could not do that. I don't know how to. I know about auras. I've seen them, sometimes. But I want to protect her. Protect her from the shadows that follow her.

I want to protect her, Kikigirl, I really do. It's like, I have to. 5 years ago, when I was introduced to the art, I've seen my spirit animal. It's a boar and I was told it means of protecting of sort. I don't know. The reason for my protectiveness. I have been protective of the people I cared for ever since I know how to fight (martial arts).

I don't care what happens to me. I know it's too, what do you call it, martyr? But no... She takes care of me in a way she understood me inside out. I'm proud of my best friend. We may fight, but those fights were just additionals to our bond.

She's the only one who never left me. I mean, I still have my family but it feels like they're not there. So I really want to protect her Kikigirl, I really do.

She has happiness. She already found her Love. Her Love is her smile and laugh and bliss. I've seen her eyes, and the sadness just was no longer glimmering in her eyes.

I want to protect that, I want to protect her whole. It may sound like hero-romantism. I know she would do the same for me. Will it be enough to say that I would die for my best friend? Just so she's safe... It's not weird, is it? To be like this to her?
KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
Cassie_1008, this sounds like a wonderful story and I cannot believe the bond that you have with your best friend. I know this is a deeper connection which is far more fluid and rich then a normal friendship and it can almost be addictive because it makes you so happy and free.

I wanted to say to you that it is not a bad thing to be a "mundane". Spiritually, a natural person is far more valuable to any side because their body, spirit, mind and emotion/s are purer then say, somebody who has already-given-to or a part-of-them-belong-with an accord, whether that pact or accord is good or bad. A mundane is clean and new. There is a balance, much like a giver and a taker. But, if you are a taker - it means that your energy at some point was spent on a pact, link or accord somewhere else. Also, it means that "the taker" may have, what some refer to as, holes-in-ones-aura which are made either by traumatic events or by pacts / links which were particularly grim and ferocious. If you want to give, you should be able to do it in other ways, especially if you are a "mundane"; bringing her coffee or helping her through situations are good ways to do it. If you do these "ACTS" first, and then, you decide to supply energy through love, spiritually and mental-use, it will better balance the equation. Why? Because, the taker is human and he/she can pursue "the act of taking out of necessity and not need". If she truly cares about you, she will intuitively know this about herself and must look at how she takes and when she takes and what she takes. If your idea is to give, then you must do "the act of giving out of necessity and not need" or "out of love and not obsession or jealousy" or "out of truth and not lies or betrayal". The balance which holds you two together will only be as strong and vital/essential/crucial when you two understand eachother.

I am not a taker nor a mundane. I like givers. One of my best friends who understood me better then anyone in the world, one night "took my energy without asking my permission or fore-warning", I almost fainted! I lay down in the dirt in the grass right there. She never told me what she did but I absolutely knew it in my heart and soul. When I regained my strength, I told her "If you ever do that to me again, I will never talk to you again, and I will never forgive you". She was a friend to me at one of the worst points in my life and she stood by me when nobody else would. She never ever did it again.

Also, takers are usually people who need others energy because they are unhappy, emotionally exhausted and place tasks on his/herself which take their energy but don't deliver results. She should have been honest with me about where she spent this energy, so, I would know better how to help her. If she was happy, she would also have more energy, but, she refused to find happiness for herself.

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