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The Women In My Family Have "visions"


All the women in my family have always had "visions" or deja vu, not sure what to call it. I just want to know what other people think about this and if anyone has had similar experiences. Ill share some of the stories, a few years ago on the news there was a story about a little girl who had gone missing and my grandma was watching tv when all of sudden she had a vision about the little girl, she said "she's trapped somewhere in water and she can't get out. " She told her therapist about it and he didn't think much of it but the next day on the news was a story about the girl, they found her body in a suitcase in the river. My grandma has also had a vision about a plane crash in Italy where she was born and the next day it was on the news. I had a dream that my parents got divorced and when I woke up my mom told me she kicked my father out. My cousins mom was in the bath and she had a vision of her mom falling asleep in the tub and drowning, she called her mom and she didn't answer so she checked on her and she was falling asleep. There's many more stories but those are just a few, people think i'm crazy when I talk about it but I only remember some of my dreams and the ones I do remember end up coming true within a week. What does this mean? Also whenever someone is upset or angry I can always feel their emotions as if I were them. I've always been highly sensitive but now i'm starting to feel other people's emotions and I can always tell when something is off. I guess you could say i'm very intuitive but sometimes it feels like it's more than that. Please share your stories i'd love to read them.

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KikiGirl (3 stories) (60 posts)
7 years ago (2017-02-11)
saaaraa99, this sounds like a very interesting and beautiful gift. It probably sometimes seems really scary, though. Do you know how much people could change their life or even other peoples lives if they could do what you do? I advize you to work on it and embrace it, one day you may very well help people in the same situation or in another way.

The strange thing about having such a special gift is that it often isn't a plan that you have. It's not like at school, you can say "well, I'm good at Biology so I will do microbiology as a career." It happens suddenly and you change a lot and you are very fortunate to have a website whereby you can be honest and share the experiences. Most people who you meet and even friends, will not understand if you tell them, "I can see the future!" At least if you have a place or person that you trust who you can share this with, you might feel a little better about it.

Another thing you should know is that you are not that incredibly weird or different from other people. Please see this wiki-link with a list of psychic abilities that people have had over the years:
A lot of people have either had really strange abilities or worked-on and mastered a particular gift. Also, there are many people in the world who might have a gift but they ignore it or put it in a box because they want to focus on real-life issues.

Also, remember to try and do good with your gifts. What ever good you put into your life, will be the result/s in your life. I am not saying your life will be perfect, just that you can try and make it a good and healthy reality & wisdom in your life.

I hope you will keep us posted!

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