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Understanding Dreams


This was a dream I had 3 years ago. February 15, to be exact. I have a lot of dreams that were left unanswered and I need your help in understanding these dreams. I know that dreams are not just a creation of the subconscious but rather something else, non-mundane sort. Here's the dream:

I dreamt of Anna, Irish and Sophia.

Irish and I were standing inches away from a door frame. We were in a hall way, or something of that sort. I took a peak as I noticed Anna went inside a "cabin" or a room. I called for her but she didn't hear me. The cabin's name was "Samhein World" The cabin was a mess. Chairs were scattered, windows were broken, cobwebs and dust everywhere; it was dark with mote. I didn't find Anna there and also I didn't feel safe in that area. The air was dry and cold at the same time.

Out of nowhere, I felt a need to save people. My instinct told me something was wrong, so I turned to Irish and we search the hall. We climbed down the staircase right outside the cabin and landed on a floor with fences and a door. Without thinking, I opened the door and out came my students from 3rd grade. Irish's sister, Sophia, was among those students. I grabbed her arm and climbed back up. We were blocked by a man in his mid-thirties. He was wearing cream T, denim pants. He was overweight and his skin was like Mexican but looked local. We backed up and ran. He was chasing us until we saw another flight of stairs and climbed. We ended up in another Cabin but this time, it looks like a tavern. There were people there too busy with their ales and laughs to notice us.

Later on, we were caught by the man in denim. He grabbed Irish. She tried get away but it was futile. He was strong. The man then took Irish inside him. It was like possession but it was the other way around.

Sophia and I ran until we'd reached another hallway and at the end of it another staircase. We climbed up and we were back at the first cabin. The man was waiting for us there. He took hold of me. I struggled until I found myself inside him. I could feel his consciousness, his senses. I could see from his eyes. I could hear his thoughts, particularly of Sophia's. He wanted to take her too but he couldn't until he noticed three marks tattooed at the back of her neck. Three marks, runes rather. They were Perthro, Kuanaz and Laguz.

I woke up feeling weird and at the same time scared. I thought it was because of my researches, the things I've read, but it felt so so strange and felt real for me.

I know this was years ago, I still have a lot of peculiar dreams. They may not be psychic or whatnot, but maybe it's enough to realize something else.

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