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To whomever is reading this, hi!

I will admit that I have a bit divided feelings about writing here, but it seems like the best place to ask these kinds of questions.

So throughout my life I've experienced different weird things; feelings, smells, memories, seeing things that aren't there etc.

I also get deja vu's quite a lot, or whatever you'd like to call them.

The first thing that I can remember is feeling this strange, cold and a bit scary feeling while being in a room in my grandparents' house. Always when I'm in that room I feel like someone is watching me, I feel afraid and scared. I also always get cold while being in that room, even on really hot summer days. I've tried to explain it to my sister and my parents, but they don't think it's anything special, while I'm always scared to death and never want to be in that room alone.

I've had this feeling for as long as I can remember, does anyone know what it might mean? Maybe I should mention that a long time ago, my great-grandmother past away in that very room, but I found out only about a year ago or so, and the feeling existed a long time before that.

Another thing is that when I smell a certain perfume that I cannot put a name to, I get these flashes of memories from my childhood. When I tell my mom about these memories she says it has never happened.

I also very easily can put myself in another person's shoes emotionally, I can relate to their feelings as if I was the one feeling them, and I'm then able to give them advice or comfort, whatever they might be needing to feel better.

Yet another thing that has happened to me must be one of the most recent events with some kind of supernatural/psychic connection.

This happened probably a few months ago, during summer. I was sleeping, and when I woke up I could see this little girl standing next to my bed, probably less than a meter from me. She was wearing a white sleeping gown of some kind and holding a teddybear with crossed arms. She had long, brown hair. I can remember all these details, even though it only lasted for a few seconds or less, because when I blinked a couple of times she was gone. But while she was there I got this incredibly warm feeling, something like love or deep caring for this little girl, almost as if I was her mother and she was coming to me because she'd had a bad dream. This is impossible, since I'm only 17 years old.

This all seems extremely weird to me and I guess what I'm looking for are some answers or ideas of what these things can mean? There are more things that have happened, but it would get really long.

Please help me?

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Stenisen (1 stories) (5 posts)
10 years ago (2014-06-15)
It's been some time since you wrote this but I'm going to answer anyway and hopefully you'll see it.

I recognize the feeling you're describing in your grandparents house. I used to get it all the time. Still do, but I've decided to not be afraid anymore.

Since you're from Sweden I'm just going to write in Swedish since it's easier to describe in your native language.

Den här känslan av att någon tittar på mig, följer efter mig får jag alltid I hallen, trappan, badrummet och ibland I vardagsrummet och köket. Och egentligen lite I alla rum I huset men mest I hall, trappa och badrum. Och mest på natten.

Jag brukade vara livrädd för det och låg och kallsvettades I sängen för jag brukade känna mig övervakad där också. Jag vågade knappt vända mig om och det tog evigheter innan jag somnade. Och jag vågade inte gå på toa även om jag verkligen behövde för jag behövde gå genom hallen och badrummet ligger bredvid trappan så, ja, jag var livrädd.

Men så bestämde jag mig för att inte vara rädd längre, vad det än var så kunde det inte skada mig och jag slutade vara rädd. En gång såg jag en siluett av en person genom spegeln I mitt rum och då blev jag riktigt arg och vände mig mot stället jag sett siluetten även om den var borta och sa until den att lämna mig ifred I alla fall I mitt rum. När jag är I mitt rum vill jag vara ensam, det är mitt privata ställe och ingen får komma in utan att jag säger att det är okej. Ibland låter jag den komma in, för ibland känner jag mig ensam och den kommer in och jag pratar med den och känner, typ, energier som svar. Det är svårt att förklara.

Den lilla flickan som kom until dig, du sa att det var som att hon hade haft en mardröm. Hon kanske har haft det, och behöver hjälp until andra sidan eller något där hon är trygg. Jag vet inte hur man gör det, men det går nog att leta upp någonstans. Eller så kan du kontakta något medium, det brukar finnas I alla fall ett medium I varje kommun. Eller så kan du söka until Det Okända, vad du än tycker verkar bäst.

Jag får också deja vú kan jag tillägga. Ganska ofta. Ibland är det upp until fem gånger om dagen. Det går I perioder.

Om du vill så kan du skicka mail until mig här: stinaml98 [at]

Jag vet inte om det här är vad du hoppades på att få som svar men förhoppningsvis är det until någon hjälp
hrk (guest)
10 years ago (2013-12-10)
I too, have memories triggered by smells, and similar to you, my mother swears up and down they have never actually happened to me. This, I have been told several times, is us recalling a past life.
As well as that, I am also able to feel others emotions and comfort them in their time of need. It sounds like you could be an empath, as I have been told the same and have identical abilities.

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