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Is There Anyone Who Can Relate To This?


I've been afraid of the submission guidelines because of how my story is but here goes.

I have met someone I later on found out to be powerfully psychic. I don't know if it takes one to spot one but I've been somehow able to know it without knowing how to explain it.

This guy, we used to be "intimate". Before I knew what it was, I found out we could astrally project ourselves. This meant if we wanted to have sex, that's how we did it. We had a way of seeing into each other, though it doesn't always mean he knew my thoughts just like I didn't know all of his.

We stopped seeing each other by the time we were close. Later on, I found out that he was seeing a girl whom he eventually married.

I understood perfectly that it was time to move on as soon as I found out. Even when he was with her, he tried to keep me attached to him. He can control the weather where I live, even though he now lives half way across the globe. He can also mind control birds and crickets so that they're always making some kind of noise to attach himself to me. The reality of this is worse than my description. Most of the time I got so annoyed that I imagined unpleasant ways of shutting him out (which I lack the psychic skill to enact). I already told him that I have no problem with him marrying someone else and wanted to move on every day for almost a year and still counting. There are times when I can pull my thoughts away from his orbit and that's when the weather gets cloudy and at times stormy.

He married another psychic. She decided that I was to be monitored 24/7 by herself as well, instead of helping him actually move on. She has an ability to tap so deep into my subconscious that life has been really depressing. She can time a house lizard's clicks with whatever thought in my head, however deep inside my subconscious and time it so that it causes me anxiety.

They leave me alone when all I can think of is wishing them ill. They return whenever I find some way of getting out of their prison.

Together, they have used their collective psychic powers to break my spirit. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever heal. I don't like the person I've become as a result of having to constantly fight the urge to fight back, keeping my internal thoughts safe from them and building up my life at the same time.

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Nikkiblue (1 stories) (4 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-13)
I feel sorry for you and your situation. I cannot relate, but I can advise you. Every day, ask Archangel Micheal to protect you and visualize him standing in front of you with a sword. Wear Moldavite, it is a crystal that is a powerful protector against psychic attacks. If you cannot obtain that crystal wear Sugilite, Malachite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst Crystals, Smokey Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Amber, Chiastolite, and/or Black Obsidian... Any of these would be helpful but Moldavite is most powerful I think. Visualize yourself in white light as a protective barrier. And ask your guardian angel for help. If you wish to stay attuned to the psychic world, do not let them stop you or hinder your life. They may be 'powerful' but they are wrongly using there powers, and angels can protect you. I hope this helps
wat123 (41 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-15)
Well most people can't feel anything beyond their reality, why don't you give up on your psychic life and try to forget/block everything beyond the normal reality? If you aren't a psychic you won't receive any messages, mayby this is difficult but I'm sure there are some people that know how to deal with this. If this man has that big of an influence on you you'll have to not only kick him out but a part of your identity as wel since you have bonded with this man so deeply. I hope you will follow my advice since you seem so desperate for freedom, I know it might be hard but at least you have a chance.
kregg (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-15)
Some of what you are saying is a thing common to more extreem disfunctional mental conditions. I've read about them and I've had them at a time when I was borderline schizo. That is seeing a connection between happenings in the world not normal to most people. Like seeing something and calling it a sign or message.
dirt (8 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-13)

I feel truly empathetic towards the situation you face. As animals, we all breathe with the need for influence, whether it be for selfish or selfless needs. Those who are selfish are also weak because they work in haste. It is interesting to me that not only this man, but his wife, as well, is infatuated enough with you to prolong this psychic warfare. A predator observes its prey before feeding. It is not going to prey upon a diseased or disagreeable animal, but rather something tasteful and beneficial. The only reason I could believe that two people with such abilities as to sway weather patterns and manipulate voices of other creatures would go after one person is because you have something that they each lack.

By becoming intimate with this man, you allowed him entry into your subconscious, as you have to his. His wife followed through by a 'chain of events,' for lack of words. They are surely learned in putting up a variety of blocks, etc. The trick to driving them out is knowing their weakness. The predator can only be called so if it reigns over other creatures. Yet, senses that rely much on strength alone allow less time for thought. That is why the prey never dies out. The weakness of these two is that they are swayed by their greed for authority. You stated that each time that they leave you alone, it is because all you think is ill of them. They leave because you are attacking both of them and they are clearly affected by your ability to do so. They will continue their attempts to beat you down until you are used up. Know that when you are not thinking negatively towards them, it is not because you have given up or because you are weak - it is because this pattern of thought does not suit any person and you are aware of this. It knows no bounds in damage. Ultimately, it will destroy he who exhibits it.

So switch it up. From experience, I can tell you that letting go of your fear of them will give you the power to prevail. It is a mind game. It is not about strength in numbers or psychic abilities. You must be frightened and ignorant in order to be weakened. Play them at their own game. The only power they have over you is that they believe in their strength - and they know very well to believe in yours, as well. If they can look into you, you can look into them. There are a variety of forms through which people do this. I would suggest that you get a better sense of their energy and work on developing trust in your own abilities.

In the spiritual realm anything is possible and everything is real. You are now and always in full control. Rebuild a strong sense of pride and esteem, it will greatly benefit you. No one can overpower you without your consent. Go over this statement until you believe it. The answer is always simple, it is a lack of faith that becomes the only drawback. In the tale of Medusa, her power was ultimately her downfall because it bore an ugly, detrimental ego within her. To face wickedness does not mean one must become consumed by it in order to demolish it. Allow evil to look upon its own eyes. Keep faith, you will see the way to regaining peace.

Take care of yourself.

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