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It Can Happen To Anyone


At this point in my life, I wouldn't say I have a great sight or great experience in psychic matters. I wasn't one of those children that saw dead people in the streets or shadows in the house. I could wear watches without them malfunctioning. I didn't have premonitions in my dreams or have spirits visit me in the middle of the night. In that sense, I was pretty much 'ordinary'. If anything spiritual did happen, I wasn't aware of it.

When I was twenty, my dear Grannie came for a visit and I had an awful fear and sense of foreboding rising within me, and I had a sense of dread after she left, that I couldn't shake off. To my regret, I didn't fully place what the feelings were trying to tell me at the time.

About two weeks after Grannies visit, my mum called me to say she had died in the night. We later found out that she had died from a heart attack. As she wasn't ill before this and had recently visited us, I was not prepared for this in the slightest.

I was absolutely devastated and I kept hoping it was all a bad dream that I could just wake up from. I sometimes still hope for that now, even though it has been over two years since she left the physical. As sad as the experience has been, in a way, it has opened a psychic door for me. I had series of dreams in which Grannie appeared to me. Not long after Grannie died, I dreamed that I was sat at a long table with my mum, dad, brother and sister in Discovery Cove, a place where we had swam with Dolphins when I was fourteen, while on vacation in Florida. My Grannie had joined us on this family holiday and it was wonderful and a dream holiday for all of us.

In the dream, I then noticed my Grannie walk over to our table. She looked really happy and carefree. She looked at us and said 'I won't be doing that again for a while.' I intuitively knew she was making light of her passing. Which was very much like her. While my Grannie was in the physical, she displayed warmth, happiness, lightheartedness and a sense of humor and brought joy to many lives. She had the love of life and sense of adventure of a child and was always traveling to different places and bringing gifts back for us. The day that she died, my Grannie was meant to be going to Wales with a friend. Instead she went to the afterlife.

About a year after Grannies passing, I was briefly part of an online group where you could receive or give readings, stating your level of medium ship before giving anyone a reading. I had no intention of reading anyone's pictures as I didn't think I was able to. However, fate had other ideas. When I was comforting two different people who had lost their mum, I felt a chilly presence in the room. I didn't see anything, but I knew that there mum was there with me wanting to contact their daughter. Both times I warned there daughters beforehand that I didn't really know what I was doing, then attempted to give them a reading. The information I gave was scattered and random, I was just putting down the thoughts I was given to me, but most were accurate to them in some way.

After learning the importance of grounding, I made sure I did this for the second and last time I did a reading on the online group. The first time I did a reading, I had no concept of grounding, and I paid in a bad way for my lack of knowledge. I felt like a different person when giving the reading. I felt the mannerisms of the spirit, knowing what they were like, as I was experiencing their thoughts and personality for myself. After giving the first reading, it was difficult to get spirit presence in my bedroom to leave. While I knew the spirit meant well and just wanted to talk to her daughter, I was very tired and drained and I had to go to bed, for I needed to be up the next day. After firmly stating that the reading was over, even though I was a bit panicky inside, the feeling of the spirit presence finally left and someone else soon stepped in and continued the reading from elsewhere. The after effects of not grounding beforehand stayed with me though. I felt spaced out, away with the fairies and really thirsty, and it took a while for the effects to subside.

I did learn from this though. After grounding, my second attempt at a reading went much smoother than the last and I didn't really feel any effects.

I was lucky enough to get a few readings of my own from my lovely Grannie. One medium said my grandmother would send me a boost of confidence at the end of the reading. That night, I had put what the medium said out of mind, but when I was in bed, I felt a beautiful healing energy around me, making me peaceful and loved. That was my first reading. I have had several readings since, online and in my local spiritualist church...

After I became aware of Spirit, I have had experiences that vary from signs that are meaningful to me, to unexplainable things that really show the wonders of Spirit. I suppose they may have happened before then, but I have little memory or knowledge of anything out of the ordinary. White feathers are a common but beautiful sign. The day after feeling a healing presence in my room, I saw a white feather hovering outside the window while I was sat in a cafe. Once I was lying in bed in a very relaxed state and I was thinking about angels. I opened my eyes and saw a white orb floating a distance away. It circled around, vanished, reappeared for a bit, then vanished again. It was beautiful.

I wouldn't label myself as a psychic and my story may be lesser in comparison to those who can physically see spirits or predict the future in dreams, or someone who sees and experiences Spirit on a daily basis. Maybe seeing something out of the ordinary can happen to anyone, as long as you have an open mind

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