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Does Anyone Know What's Happening To Me?


For around four years now. I've been having these strange incidents occurring. Every now and then certain appliances I'm just touching will go haywire. And of course I believe there are certain times where the electric current or whatnot would be a cause of this so I wasn't really skeptical at first. Each incident was unique. The first time I went around a microwave and it turned on. I thought that was weird. But. I considered it more of a freak accident. The next few times were similar and occasionally still happen. Every so often. Lights will go from bright to dim. And then just start blinking. Or blowout. I also thought this was pretty normal. Of course light bulbs would go out eventually. The way they went out was weird, but nothing specific worth mentioning to anyone. This stopped for a short period of time. These incidents don't happen all the time. They're more spread out over the years. Last year. Was when I realized something weird was going on. I was in the garage looking for light bulbs to give my dad for this new lamp we got. And went I picked up the lightbulb, the shine of a light flashed the corner of my eye and went I looked down, the unplugged lightbulb was bright on. I seriously couldn't believe it. I told my parents but of course they didn't believe me. I could barely even believe me. After I turned 18 I moved out of my parents house and started living in my apartment. I'm telling this story because I have finally decided I need help understanding what's going on. The most recent incident occurred earlier this week. I went to go grab a freshly packed c battery. I took off the wrapper for the c battery and when I grabbed the battery it shocked me! The new battery which just came out of a wrapper gave me a strong shock. What is going on. Can anyone help explain this to me.

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EyesOpen (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-26)
First of all, you are not alone. I also have the gift and curse of affecting anything electrical. I also sometimes move objects without meaning to. Its psychokinesis or PK. You will find when you are angry or upset, the PK will become more active. Also having lots of pent up emotions will bring it on. Just feeling overwhelmed can do it.

May I ask how old you are? Because teenagers are most prone to this. Most poltergeists are actually the psychokinesis of a teenager in a home.

The good news. Most people's PK abilities fade as they get older. But... Not everyone.

What can help? Having a good friend you can talk to and vent to. Also you may find seeing a therapist may help. Not because something is wrong with you, because it will just keep your emotions from becoming pent up. Learning relaxation and anger management techniques will help. Getting vigorous exercise will help diffuse excess energy. Learning the technique of grounding which you can find online will help. Being out in nature will help you to stay grounded too.

Also make sure you stay well hydrated and your electrolytes stay balanced. Since your body works with electricity differently, your electrolytes can become unbalanced easier. Which honestly could possibly affect your heart. Keep gatorade handy. Also orange juice seems to help me. Good grounding foods are root vegetables and meat.

If you find you feel unwell after a strong PK experience, give yourself extra TLC and rest. In my case my body is learning to adjust again. I had some PK and other abilities when I was young but they faded as I got older. In my Thirties I had what is called a Kundalini Rising and as my spiritual awakening has progressed, my PK and other abilities have returned and they have majorly increased in strength as well. My body is having to adapt to it all over again and its not been easy. I am trying very hard to find a new balance in my life.

Hang in there.
Dione (1 stories) (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-25)
The closest answer I have to your problems is spontaneous psychokinesis, specifically electrokinesis, the ability to control and create electricity. It is not uncommon nor is it a difficult ability to develop if you choose to. I am not a pro at electrokinesis, but I have found that I can manipulate lights and electronics at a small scale.
Gnm619 (1 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-25)
I don't know what it is but it happens to me sense I was little I use to notice when it was dusk out and I would walk near street light they would deem of shot of for a long time I use to think nothing of it but one day I noticed that it would happen when I was near and when other people would walk by the same light nothing would happen so one day I was like well ok if it's me then let's see if I can make it come on and off so I staired at a light and would think flicker and it would then I would be ok off and it would then I be on and it would get brighter I never had the light experience turning on like you did when nothing was attacked to it but I rember I would have problems with electrical things when I was younger never works right with me sometimes
I don't know what it is but I thinking it has to do whit the energy that's around most people we just seem to be on a different energy level or plain or what ever then most people and that's why this happens to us I'm not sure but would sure hope someone out there has a answer

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