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Seeing Sparkles


I have recently experienced sparkles and at first it was when I was going to bed and I would see them by the fire alarm on the ceiling. I thought it was a reflection of light. But then one night I dragged my 6yr old daughter to bed with me and I started seeing them, they moved throughout the room and I woke her up to ask if she sees them too and she did, and she got scared and it was like those glow bugs but brighter and whiter and not flickering as much. I googled and it and, it said it is supposedly guardian angles or loved ones that passed over, and mind you I lost my father and my grandmother who I was close to within 3yrs (2012,2014). I just recently moved out of my home and within 8 months starting seeing this. It is now the 3rd x I have seen these sparkles within 3 months and I just recently woke around 5 in the morning which is just about dawn and started seeing daylight and there they were like a kiss of sunshine but true as day as they moved around and not in the same spot. I am trying to wrap my mind around this but I am still skeptical but want to believe it is a little bit of the other side of the rainbow. Not sure what to think just want to share and I am 43 years old and lived a lot of life but this I am not sure what to make. I was fully awake when going to bed and fully awake when waking, as I had to get up and use the bathroom and seen them when I got back into bed. I was with my grandmother and father the moment they both took there last breath. Miss them terrible just don't want to think this is a manifestation of my issues of closure. But thoughts?

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biker4jc2u (3 stories) (38 posts)
6 years ago (2016-01-27)
Hi just wanted to say I don't think it's you needing closer... I can sence and communicate with those past on... And usually when I feel them they want the person's still living to have closure because they love them... So i'm going to guise by my experience they wanted you to have that closer because they love you... And it's not the least bit in your head

I sometimes see sparkles as well I don't know what they are to me yet but I thought I would let you know so that way you know your eye's arnt fooling with you 😉

And glad you had the experience whether it's your loved one's or angels... How beautiful what an experience to have 😊 thanks for sharing

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