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17 Year Seeking Great Psychic Guidance


I am almost 18 years of age, african american female. I really need for someone to please help me figure out what's going on with me. Through it all I never feel human, I always sit and wonder about the entire universe and why I'm own this planet, and why I'm here period. I have psychic dreams like yesterday that my. Uncles came to wash clothes and my mom was upset about it. They came over. Much later that day and washed clothes, and my mom was upset about. I see the same name numbers like "36" like for a year nor and "56" also. My senses are unbelievable. I can can hear very very very well. I have outer body experiences that frighten the living heck out of me, were I was even afraid to sleep because of it. Constantly having dreams about ufos, ones dream was where they as in a ufo had charged me up twice in my dream, and I woke up feeling so weird for the rest of the day. I had a dream about ufos and that the "annunaki" were coming back, weird and random once again. When I was smaller, I saw a dark ghost and it scared the living heck out of me, I'll never forget it. Just lots of weird things that happen and I'm searching for an answer. When people walk past me I get a shiver and I'm not sure if I'm feeling what are feeling or what, but that happens a lot. I also see auras from time to time sometimes a lot. I don't fit in usually, well most of the time actually. I'm always the smartest person in class, I do very well in school I just don't fit in:/ I have a strong connection with animals, and people as well. Like I've had children randomly come up to me and hug me, which has happened a lot. I also look at people as if looking through them and even though I'm 17 I know I have some type of special purpose. My mother also had out of body experiences and is very psychic as well. She sees a lot of things in advance, and we both believe in aliens and things like that etc of which she has had experiences. Please someone help me.

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simon155 (5 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-05)
haha deaths not all bad. You just reminded me of some funny thoughts I had when the ones who looked like dark spirits woke me up. I'd gone to sleep with the same feelings of being out of place and (don't laugh I was a young kid) cried because I thought I couldn't find a way to live without causing pain to things be it plants or anything else, and that I had to eat. I'd prayed then though wasn't overly religious and said to god in no uncertain terms that I would have faith and fill whatever role was asked of me even if it were as death but I would still care about all things.
The dark figures then followed and I think adopted me as their new dad lol. Dreams probably. I know it doesn't seem it at the time as it's clear as day. The sight the colors the cool air etc. Perhaps its just our minds way of healing itself. I find now despite loving all people and all things, I have a sense of peace and understanding of death and loss that I didn't begore. But I feel there are spirits so the end is not the end.
godsa1nt (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-01-09)
I don't know about the aliens thing though I have often in my life found myself thinking that I can't be human. But the reincarnation theory you have there I got to agree with. Throughout my life when I walk into some new place such as jobs, stores and houses I have a VERY strong sense of having been there before; the smells, textures, noises and where things are located are imprinted on me like I have visited these places numerous times. I just posted another comment on the subject of "moving shadows" and feel like that has something to do with past lives. Like the shadows are "impressions" from another existence. I have also had numerous experiences with seeing things happen before they actually do and this event has even allowed me to cheat death a few times (which, I imagine, royally pisses her off!) and been able to help out others.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-10)
Hi, I don't know if "great psychic guidance" is needed any more than just a viewpoint from a person who has been where you are and can tell some tell-tale signs of what may be. But you can decide if what I say resonates with you and take from it what you will.

Many people on this planet reincarnate over and over here on earth. But then there are some that reincarnate from different planets. They generally feel more out of sorts and "alien" to this planet. They feel they don't fit in and struggle to understand why humans do what humans do, which is often ridiculous, violent, unevolved and sometimes trite. They generally resonate more with nature and animals which don't live contradictory lives (like humans who say how smart and evolved they are yet perpetually live in a near catastrophic state of death, destruction and alienation).

Of course there are aliens out there. It's a mathematical certainty. Even the Pope has to fess up it's highly likely (and let's not forget they were burning scientist at the stake for ever postulating such a thing in the not too distant past). And I'd say with all of the very high level witness testimony available now, that they are also visiting us on several levels.

I too astral project and I too have seen ETs in my travels. And I think you are correct in that they will eventually make their presence more known. But when, and in what form, I can't say. They too must see what a disaster we're creating here on earth. If they didn't care at all, they wouldn't have intercepted nuclear testing which they have done recently.

This planet and its inhabitants are at a very precarious point of our existence. If you look at the time line of humans, we've existed a certain way for thousands and thousands of years. But with the very recent onslaught of technology, oil, and nuclear, but lacking the spirituality and true knowledge of how to recover from problems related to this, we are heading into almost certain annihilation at a most precipitous pace (look at the gulf oil spill and Fukashima as two recent horrific examples). You very well may have a significant role in this life towards humanity but it may not be marching on the picket line. It may be to help develop people spiritually while they still have a chance. It's no accident you're already astral projecting, conscious of other life forms and you're only 17 years old. Your growth will continue at such a rate that you'll be, in short order, an asset to other humans around you. As your experience increases, the "forgotten" aspect of your consciousness will come to light sooner than later. But know this, on some level you asked to come here. That is no accident because the universe and our higher selves do not act accidentally.
You're here like any other evolved soul is; to help others. And while you and people like you can't combat such things as the military industrial complex, mega corporations and rampant destruction, we can and will help people evolve to a state where they can raise their consciousness out of the realm that will be affected by such low level things.

Advice? Keep doing what you're doing but avoid things that drag your energy down and clog up your aura like bad news (turn the tv off), energy sucking people, non positive crowds and so on. Add to your education with books that will help you evolve quickly. Learn about chakras, auras, kundalini, some books on astral projection and so forth. You're welcome to peruse my sister website to this one ( I think I have several ET articles on there as well.

Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us.

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