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In class I like to call upon spirits to tap on my classmates backs, and when they turn around no body is there. A guy was bullying me during class and I called his friend who committed suicide, and said to his friend "Do you want to contact your friends? Then tap them on the back". The bully turn around slowly to check who's behind him, and of course he cannot see ghosts so he become scared. I have done this more then 10 times in the same class on the same day. Also I got the spirit to push his paper off his desk and the bully was reluctant to pick his paper up because their was no windows or doors open. Some classmate astral project without knowing it or remembering it. I'm pretty sure only one student besides me knows and remembers astral traveling. During class it seems as if he tries to give out hints to me, but is not sure how to word it.

I would like to open up and possibly teach classmates on developing their psychic abilities, but how do I present evidence? An everyday normal person will reject it and try to play me off as insane. My mom used to believe all psychics were mental people until she meet a psychic and she predicted my oldest sisters first child. Science proved that everything is energy, and the definition of psychic is reading energy. I'm not saying that mental illnesses are psychic. My older sister heard voices and was diagnosed with sycophant. Her psychologist did a psychic test. My sister was blindfolded and the psychologist would put a m&m candy in her mouth and guessed the color. My sister failed the psychic test. Being mental means your brain chemicals are unbalanced.

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SilentSparrow (1 posts)
10 years ago (2013-12-14)
I can relate. I want to teach my fellow classmates about developing their psychic abilities too, but how do you present such a thing? I have my best friend that I'm helping with. It's coming along very well with her.

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