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Hell Hounds


I have been able to see and hear spirits for as long as I can remember, they also come to me in dreams, more recently however I'm seeing what I believe are hell hounds and am unsure what to think. In the dream I'm in a wooded area pushing my way through the trees, finally I reach a clearing and I'm in a open field surrounded by dense trees in the form of a circle. It's dark but the moon lights the way for me, suddenly behind me I hear growling and I turn and look and there are 3 large black creatures behind me, they are very much like a dog but larger, they have dog like features. They have red sunken eyes, no fur but their skin looks like shredded leather, they have no ears just like nubs on their head, I begin to run and feel terrified of them, they chase me and I hear them growl and snarls, I run as fast as I can buy they are fast. I can smell them and it's the smell of something rotting, and feel them breathing on me and it is hot, I finally reach a tree in the middle of the clearing and they catch me, I'm pressed against the tree and out feels like there are thorns in my back, I'm frozen in fear and shaking but can't run or scream, not a sound comes out of my mouth no matter how hard I try, they stop and sir down and start to growl again and start mashing their teeth, the one in the front, the one that seems to bee the leader place its paw on my chest and it is in my face, it just growls and shows its teeth but never attacks, then I'm awake. I can still smell it and feel where it's paw was on my chest, can still smell their breath and the smell of their routing skin. Am I in danger? Why don't they attack me or try to harm me? They never do anything other then look right in my face. Only one ever approaches me the other two stand back and watch.

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Dreamerdreamin (1 posts)
4 years ago (2020-10-27)
So recently came about this post while searching for the meaning behind the hellhound which I saw in a dream right before The President was elected. I didn't know how to interpret it at the moment, but after speaking to my sister in law, she said there was a name for them called "hellhounds" in my dream the dog tried to bite me... It jumped through my window even. It was exactly as you described! Creepishly Exact. With the election this year, I now wonder was it Trump who owns the hell hounds, or was Trump saving me from the hellhound. I can't remember if he walked by before or after the the dark Hound tried to bite me. Either way... If he isn't here now, then I take this as a true sign he will be soon. I'd like to know others thoughts on my dream as well.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
10 years ago (2013-12-10)
While not a dream interpretation website, I wanted to publish your dream because I think there are spiritual take-aways from it.

Time and time again I would have dreams similar to this. In one, I was fighting "Evil" and we were just going at it. I even thought I had the upper hand of this fight but then Evil easily slipped from my grasp, morphed into love and said, "I have always loved you. The only purpose I have in your life is to teach you love."

I got it. And to test this. Another dream I had was just like yours; a rabid dog out to devour me (which of course it never did) and when I turned to face it and gave it such unconditional, un-deterring love, it too morphed on the spot and started to lick my hand. Killer to kitten in one second.

Those hell hounds, obviously outnumbering you and of greater ferocity, could have gobbled you up at any time. They even (somewhat humorously to the outside reader), chase you to a tree, sit down, and keep up with their effective fear techniques (at this point, almost begging you to get the point), though it's quite clear they are all bark and no bite. If you can, think about this and try and enforce upon your higher-self that these dreams serve as a non-violent way for you to learn about conquering fear and learning to love that which might appear terrifying or un loving. I've even tried this in the physical. I'll meet a stranger that is clearly a nasty person. The type of person you don't want anything to do with, normally. Instead of shunning them, I'll truly find within the deepest part of their being, the part that is lovable within all of us, and only return that experience to them (and I don't mean superficially, but at a Buddhist or Christ like level), and there has never been a time where that person didn't morph like "evil" and the rabid dog. Try it some time. And if in the future, you can do this to those dogs in your dream, you'll be blown away that they will reflect what it is you are projecting.

Think about any spiritual master that is presented with evil. If we ourselves practice this in our daily lives, when we die, we will be able to handle the afterlife, should we encounter low level beings. Look how your dream can make your consciousness experience hell (doesn't matter if you're asleep or awake, you are still present in the situation). This earth life is our chance to learn these qualities and much of our teachings come to us in dreams. Conquer those dreams and you've accomplished much of what you've come here for.

I hope this helps.

Best to you.

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