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"he" Scarded The Hell Out Of Me!


In 2002 I was 35 years of age but have had a gift that I had been aware of since I was 10.

In 2002, we were shopping for our first home, I was looking at probably our 5th house to pick from that day and realized that this "gift" was way too much for me to try to handle or understand on my own...

The real-estate agent took us into the house which right away I picked up on a truly horrible, foul smell that I can't describe. It was like a cross between rotting meat and high heat, and that was with only about 2 feet in the doorway. As my husband and children continued into the hallway and dining room, I couldn't. I mean I got this sudden sense of extreme anxiety, hatred, anger, and just an extreme heaviness about where I was. Not to mention, oh God, that smell! So I didn't move. Not one more step!

I felt something say "get out of my house. This is MY house, leave, GET OUT NOW, NOW!" Now I say "felt" something say because I don't think I actually heard words, I can't explain it. I just felt the emotion it was trying to convey to me. This entity or spirit gave me a feeling of evilness to my bones! Pure evil! The hair on my body stood up, I had goose bumps that came with a chill that makes your bones feel hallow, but it wasn't cold in the slightest and honestly I felt that if I stood there any longer I was going to be in danger but yet my family felt nothing. They were a bit creeped out though due to the fact that obviously there was something wrong with me, who was still standing in the doorway. In any case I said quite firmly and in no uncertain terms "we're leaving, now!" I don't think we were in that house 10 minutes but it felt like an hour. I was exhausted.

The agent looked at me peculiarly and when I told her someone had died here and we don't want the place, her look changed to fake surprise. I knew right away looking at her at that moment she was hoping we wouldn't have heard the news story on that house.

Turns out that the house was up on the market for about 9 to 12 months after a young man who was selling drugs out of this house, jumped out of his bedroom window trying to get away from officers with a warrant for his arrest, and a gun in his hand was shot and killed there. It was also found that this young man was playing around with dark cults as well as some other bad things.

Anyway, I went to talk to the real-estate agent at her office about a week later wanting her to know that I'm not a lunatic and was sorry for being what may have been perceived as rude behavior. Much to my surprise, she was not only understanding but apologetic for showing me the house after what she "discovered". The bedroom in that house that was right off of the front door, where the smell was the strongest, was this young man's bedroom and the room where he died trying to jump out of his window.

That young man certainly didn't want us there, but there was more than that. In all his rage the also there were also flickers of confusion. Like where am I? Why can't I get out? But moreover... It was rage, rage was ruling him I think.

Now, I have always had premonitions (that's what I think they're called, I'd never realized I had them until they started to play out), and one big one that actually saved my life from a speeding car down an alley one day. That one scared me. I've seen 2 spirits in my life. One of and old man with a cane, old jeans, white t-shirt with suspenders walking from my bathroom to my bedroom and a women's hand sitting next to my grandmothers hand as she sat on the bed brushing her hair. These things were never scary for me, my family has always had spirits in amongst us. It's just life, but this young man scared me so badly to my core that I shut it all down. I refuse to leave myself open in any way because I had children, and I never want them to feel that kind of EVIL.

Well anyway, life has gone by, my children have grown and gone. The only one who shows a small amount of the gift is my 24 year old son. Having more life experience now I am becoming interested in exploring my gifts again. I want to see what else I'm capable of (to a point). I have always been able to tell when the dead are around I just haven't acknowledged them, that way controlling what happens.

So what do I do now? Where do I start? There are sooooo many fakes out there, I just wish there was someone real I could talk to.

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lauterb (110 posts)
7 years ago (2016-12-02)
Dear love2dogs

Good you know you are a medium! Even better you are willing to develop and use your mediumship.

I am medium too, spirits can speak through me and write messages and I use this for good and for long time and most important for free (voluntarely) in a spirtist center.

I can recomend 2 things, a lot of study about and use/practice for good! Your mediumship must be used only to help spirits (incarnated or not). The only and best place to study, develop and practice is in a Spiritist Center.

For study, you can really study, not only read below books, free download at:

Fort development and practice you can find a spiritist center near you at below link:


Any further help you can email me at leonn at

Good study!
carri (22 stories) (221 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-20)
I can sense things like you have sensed. I dream it though. My email is rcarriwill [at]
jgreen (3 posts)
7 years ago (2016-11-20)
Wow fascinating story. I don't have any advise for you, I'm looking for answers on how to cultivate my own gift further... But thanks for sharing and good luck 😊

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