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This is my first post and I'm very grateful to be here. I have been highly sensitive since childhood. My perceptions tapered off a bit when my belief in its legitimacy shook due to secondary programming from society and at this same time I was forced to deal with mental health issues at age eight, so my focus was largely away from trying to refine any skills; I forgot I had any! At least consciously. I quit all prescription meds by the end of age fifteen, as my OCD had been largely defeated.

During the middle of my fifteenth year in this life, I began to experience the supernatural again, for the first time since childhood. First I created an orb of psychic energy in my hand, directed it to travel a few feet in my room, then me and my friend watched it dissipate in awe. I saw shadow people, two ghosts and a jinn all on separate occasions that year.

Tired of sleeping through my first two to three classes every day and how foggy I always felt, I decided to quit taking them cold turkey. It worked with only positive results. I was becoming who I was meant to. I decided to face my social anxiety social cognitive behavioral therapy style. It was fixed by age twenty. During sixteen I had my next major psychic experience. I'm meditating at a local park then I notice my friends fifty feet away. Funny thing is they don't notice me, and they're constantly looking right in my direction. I believe I fused with my surroundings, as how me and a friend from childhood had many years ago emulated native people we observed doing this in films.

Seventeen to age nineteen, herb is helping me be me, survive, and learn, and yet I'm constantly under persecution for it, in many senses of the word. And aside from that completely, my parents are trying to force me to do all these things that I shan't through the ultimate ultimatum of kicking me out. They didn't want to hear me out or take any responsibility for me and the last thing they wanted me to do was be me, because my boldness and courage put their weak minds in a state of fear they would not address.

I get kicked out, move back to California with my favorite aunt from childhood (mom 's sister) and this is where the story really gets good. It all started with a book and a dream. The book was Primal Awareness by Don Trent Jacobs. It is largely responsible for my reawakening. The dream - I'm in my room in my aunt's house, I'm looking in the mirror. (Before this dream I experienced weeks of symptoms indicating that I was becoming psychicly active, such as tingling and pressure in the head and hearing high pitched vibrations. I knew it was building up to something). I watch the reflection of my left eye roll to the back of my head, then I view the inside of my brain and all its purple psychic energy. I feel the energy swell and augment, and I view it swell and augment. I feel as if I had been activated or turned on. I woke and my abilities started pouring through the roof -rapidly. Aura sight, energy drawing, and most recently, remote viewing. I will focus on remote viewing for this paper, because it is currently my favorite ability and the one I've been working on most as of late.

Remote viewing is the ability to truly see a real place in real time without being physically present. The place could be twenty feet away to way more. I commonly experience seeing through walls, fences, and trees, day or night, doesn't matter. However I have experienced first hand the potential of hypnagogia in augmenting my psychic ability. I was trying to nap, falling in and out of sleep when I heard the door bell ring. I actually recall that's what woke me, as I had been falling in and out of sleep. In this state of consciousness, eyes closed in to my pillows, my minds eye had not shut.

I viewed my aunt at the front gate answering the doorbells ring. I saw who was there, what he looked like, I didn't get or remember the exact exchange of words, but I remember the exact tone of the conversation in terms of emotionally. And I confirmed that after my aunt had broken down the whole thing later for me when I woke.

Then I just started seeing through everything randomly. I went to bed one night and asked for a real time test to prove it to myself. My friend was coming over, he told me he was at the gate. I go to the gate. Just before I'm about to open the gate, I see right through it and see him wearing blue superman hoodie I've seen him wear the week before. Opened the gate and sure enough he was sporting it.

I want to leave the post offering a little advice on learning this ability for those who are so inclined. I believe just as everyone has their own strong points, everyone is psychic, some being dormant or less active than others. That said I believe it might be easier for you to communicate telepathically than it is for me to achieve remote viewing or aura sight, because I have had profound telepathic experiences twice and remote viewing daily with aura reading being almost daily currently (it could be daily if I focused my attention there but remote viewing has most my attention now as it is my current favorite). Even so we can all learn from each other. Here's two methods I have successfully used.

First -believe it is possible. This is important because this is the energy necessary for waking dormant psychic capacity. Not only do you need to want to attain it, but you need to believe it's possible. Why this is the energy for awakening it I'm not quite sure to tell the truth. I think it has to do with there's something about positive energy that helps things manifest in an efficient way. This brings me to the second step - communicating between the conscious and subconscious minds. Direct that message -that its possible, you want it for all the right reasons- consciously (that's the purpose of the conscious mind, to direct messages in the forms of symbols,

Images, words, and emotions to the subconscious mind) to the subconscious mind, which speaks in terms of symbols imagery and emotions. Its purpose is to be directed by the conscious mind and to make its directions manifest. There are a few interesting pointers to note about the subconscious. It cannot reject what it is given, the message to be manifested is penetrated upon thorough and steady conscious intent. (Think about it like working out. Don't hurt yourself just make sure you give times to focus consciously on you're intent). And just as important as all three, the subconscious has a hard time understanding "no" so don't give it negatives or you might end up with exactly what you don't want! Last observation I'd like to share.

In my original song anhedonia (I'm unsigned), in the third verse I say "as far as I can see is further than the eye could see I believe it would see itself if it truly wanted." They say poetry is the language of the soul. That means it deals with universals and presumables or things that are inherently true. So deep down, I understood this lyric to be true as my subconscious first guided my len to write it. This brings me when I began to sing it in the song.

Music is a bridge to the spirit worlds for the states it can induce used properly, thus is not something that should be taken lightly. And words are powerful in themselves, I would imagine even more so in song. This brings me to bewilderment and enchantment through, well chanting. Now think about the word spell. Lets look at its meanings. To spell a word. To cast a spell. To be spellbound. Spiel. It means word. Words have power, more than you originally my have thought. This is why it is important to look at etymology. To cast a spell is to speak vibrations we call words repetitively so the subconscious will pick it up and make it manifest through the world of becoming to the world of what is.

One last technique I intuitively used to enhance my "sight". Look at a hole in the fence. Look through it. Look through the fence. Repeat. Most important is practicing by gaining experience and knowledge of concentrative states, as it is concentration that ultimately activates transformations from within and without. CAT or concentration activated transformation is actually a survival and learning tool we all have. Read Primal Awareness if you really want to reawaken you're power... But that is not at all how he markets the book. In fact, you will still be surprised when you open it.

Next think about these words. Information, authority, concentration, heat wave, brain wave, aura, author, aurillium. Think of words as a capsule for meaning, and meaning as something you can perceive with senses that are higher than the first five. When you tell yourself you can't or its impossible just remember you are the one writing that, and that this is beyond the scope of science. This is your life, and truth is stranger than fiction.

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