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Remote Viewing Dangers - Or How I Learned To Tread Quicksand


Nearly two-decades ago, my myopic view of how myself, the world and the universe interact was changed forever through a spell of precognitive visions via remote viewing which I had mistakenly identified as lucid dreaming. Since that time, I have expanded upon my abilities, formed new ones and started taking more control of my multiverse lives than I ever thought imaginable.

However, for today, I want to focus primarily on remote viewing as it seems to be the gateway avenue that most are introduced to first when they enter the psychic realm. Mainly, I want to speak of the benefits and dangers as there are those new to remote viewing and see the endless positives, never thinking of the negatives.

Let me start off by saying, it is not my intention to dissuade individuals from seeking out this ability, but rather to merely warn them of the dangers it poses. No one was there for me in the beginning, there was no road map and there was no signage. So, let's get started by posting some 'hazard' signs.

By now, you've been experiencing some precognition through dreams or spells of exhaustion and you're either wondering what's wrong with your or you want to take control of this newfound ability. In either case, it is important to know why it is happening.

All your life, everything you were every told or experienced firsthand has lead you to this moment. Those same words and events also put up mental barriers, making it impossible for you to experience things psychically while awake. Undoing this is going to take a great deal of time, so be ready for that battle.

When you are tired or resting, those walls come down either partially or entirely and make you susceptible to the astral plane. Yet, these experiences come and go. They never seem to happen in succession. This is where the enticement comes from, because at this stage it seems new and exciting and you want to do it all the time.

If that is your aim, then I would suggest changing your diet, exercising body and mind, some yoga and meditation. By changing your diet, get rid of the red meat (or at least cut back) and start eating more fruits and vegetables, of all colors. This, coupled with physical exercise, is a great way to detox the body of the elements that are preventing you from exploring further. Yoga and meditation are two key elements as well, through these you will not only energize chakras but open new ones as well. Lastly, exercise your mind, practice using your ability.

There are many useful tools out there for exercising your abilities, some of them even from notable institutes and universities. When I first started practicing, these same institutes and universities would scoff at the notion of an individual showing cognitive functions that could not be easily categorized. Now, dozens of these institutes and universities recognize these types of abilities and there are literally thousands of websites out there as well.

Whatever website or other method you intend on using, be forewarned that while these tools are easily accessible to you - no one is watching. What I mean by that is, do not expect any kind of confirmation or results in the mail. It is going to be up to you discern the strength of your own abilities yourself. No website, institute or university is going to call or write to tell you that you have ESP.

Also, I urge you to take tests using multiple methods and/or sites. I started out with nothing more than a package of preschool flash cards with shapes and colors that I borrowed (without asking) from a doctor's office. Then it was a package of tarot cards, which I bought. Once I felt I mastered those, it was onto the web where remote viewing was just beginning to find its place. While I considered myself more experienced than most, I still practice.

So, there you go. Everything you need to get going, but before you dart off - let's take a few more minutes to discuss where it is you are darting off to. This is where most making the same bad choice, mistaking curiosity and the desire to learn. Curiosity always kills the cat. What seems like fun and games now, can lead to the proverbial losing of an eye, and in my experience, most are never prepared for it.

Before driving any vehicle, the first thing you need to know is where the brakes are. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to stop, it's better to know where the brakes are than just opening the door, bailing out and hoping for the best. In the psychic world, the best way to accomplish this is to simply do the opposite of what I've already told you to do.

Stop practicing. Stop exercising. Fill your body with junk food and red meat. And watch as much television and play as many video games as you can as quickly as you can. That will usually do the trick in a week or two.

Why would you ever want to stop? As I said, it all seems like fun and games in the beginning, and for those fortunate few, it will always be that way. But the universe is about checks and balances, for every bit of positive good there is just as much negative bad. It's the other side of the coin.

It starts as a dream. Then it begins displaying itself in the physical world while you're awake. First it's just loved ones, then strangers in your immediate vicinity. Next thing you know, you're halfway around the world playing astral witness to some of the most heinous crimes and natural tragedies taking place in our world. And not just witnessing it, but experiencing it and feeling it.

Here, let me spell it out for you: homicide, suicide, genocide, rape, robbery, riots, war, child abuse, spousal abuse, animal abuse, death. To say nothing of the earthquakes, fires, hurricanes/cyclones, floods, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that devastate villages and cities.

Are we still having fun?

A few years go by, then one day it just happens. You wake up and on the front page of the newspaper or headlining the nightly news is something you were just witness to and a small part of you wonders if you're somehow responsible. If somehow, in all your tinkering, if you didn't somehow manifest it into existence.

The most terrifying part of it all, is the helplessness. Knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do to change any of it.

I was nineteen years old, sleeping and remotely watching as two buses crashed into each other. I watched the fear on the faces of dozens of individuals as the buses hit, landing one in a river, continuing as many struggled to exit the bus, gasping for air and ultimately drowning.

I woke up on a pillow drenched in my own cold sweat, panting for my own breath while my heart was beating so fast and loud I could hear the blood rushing through my ears and the throbbing in my skull. When I sat up, tears that had swelled up in my eyes begin running down my cheeks and I had aches all over my body, unable to stand without supporting myself on the wall.

No one ever tells you about the empathic abilities that come along with remote viewing. I have had my fair share of breakdowns. I've put myself under thirty-day psych evaluations. The stress alone, for a great deal of time, ruined my life.

Then, a few days later, dreaming again, I returned to the site of the bus accident as they used a crane and bulldozer to pull the bus, now mostly empty, from the water. The bodies they had fished out of the water were lined up on the shore. My only saving grace in all this were the individuals holding a vigil and singing while it was happening.

It was a few weeks before I found out the entire event happened in Kenya near the Indian Ocean.

That, from what I can ascertain on my own, was in real time. Then there is the precognition aspect of remote viewing. You think people would be more apt to listening to someone talking about a plane hijacking or a nuclear meltdown or tsunami. Truth is, even if you knew who to call, chances are they aren't going to care enough to listen. They dismiss it as the ramblings of a someone who has gone mad.

So, before you think that remote viewing is all well and good, it's not. Before you think you can handle the mental anguish, emotional torment, physical pain and self blame - you can't. All you can do is try to rationalize it, and most times, even that doesn't help.

Remote viewing, for the longest time, changed my life for nothing but the worst. I couldn't leave the house. I stopped socializing. I avoided the news and internet like the plagues. In time, my anger and resentment subsided. I stopped rationalizing if people were worth the suffering I was experiencing, or if I myself was even worthy of this gift/curse. The answer to those questions lied in my belief that perhaps I was meant to be a witness to such tragedies so individuals didn't have to experience pain or die alone, whether they felt my presence or not.

Recently, I've been visiting a young man involved in a terrible auto accident between two semis and a pick-up truck. One of the semi drivers and the driver of the pick-up walked away unscathed. The other semi driver, not even sure of his name, I know is barely clinging on to life. He has had multiple operations to remove glass from his skull, reset the bones in his left arm from trying to shield his face from the steering wheel and to stop the internal bleeding caused by being pinned in by the engine that came through the firewall of the cab.

I've been there every night for the past week, seeing the look on his mother's face while she holds his hand. I've even followed her to work this past Saturday. Unbeknownst to her, her coworkers in the factory she works are taking up a collection to help with expenses.

Anyway, back on topic.

Going back to worthiness, know that there are those who would use this ability for nefarious purposes as well. And yes, I myself was guilty of such at one time. I was a regular 'Invisible Man', only I didn't need to be anywhere near those that I was spying on. I have since matured and no longer use my ability for personal gain, but I am sure there are others, just like I was, young and immature and using this for immoral purposes. So, be on the lookout for them as well. It is rare that I come across someone else remotely viewing the same incident, but it does happen from time to time.

That's all I've got, for now. As I mentioned earlier, it is not my intention to dissuade individuals, but to inform them that remote viewing is not all fun and games if not managed properly.

The single most important thing you can do for yourself, find a good teacher - and that is a lot easier said than done. There are a lot of fakes, those that assume all of our abilities work the same way rather than trying to teach us to tailor them to our needs and/or desires.

While I would like to one day help others develop their ability, my current personal situation doesn't allow me to do so and may not for another decade or two. So, should I still be around, then we'll cross that bridge when it's time.

Just know that you are going to fall, you are going to fail, multiple times but don't allow that to deter you. You will get it right eventually.

And know that there is some good to be found in this ability. As I mentioned above, I have used my precognitive ability to make choices I normally wouldn't make and my life has turned out for the better.

An example of this would be a promotion I was offered not long ago, that I turned down based on a vision of me in that new position, getting fired some time later. Unfortunately, that position was given to a dear friend of mine who was later let go due to that position going away. Again, just something I am going to have to deal with knowing.

Live and learn.

Love and light, brothers and sisters.

- The Universal Migrator

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UniversalMigrator (1 stories) (2 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-18)
Recently the young man that I've been visiting was moved from the critical care unit (CCU) to trauma.

I believe the surgeries are done for now, but he is still going to need facial reconstruction for his nose, cheeks and jaw.

His medication has been cut back so the doctor's can see what kind of trauma his brain has suffered, which could take months.

I was fortunate enough to be viewing him when the doctor and nurses were with him, asking him his birthday and name. His name is Matt. I also snuck a peek at his patient chart as the doctor was reading it, while I wasn't able to read all the details, I did see the name of the hospital.

Carle Trauma Center in Urbana, Illinois. That is over 150 miles from me.

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