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My True & Extroadinary Medium Viewing W/ Michael Jackson


This ability I believe started for me in 1991, ever since my near death car accident that happened to me in my home town of St. Louis MO. The accident caused massive trauma to my head leaving a huge Hematoma to my brain. I was eventually healed after months and months of physical therapy but never was truly the same after that.

Now to get a better understanding of my background, in the past I witnessed the death of (2) friends and (1) family member on different occasions before It actually took place by me having strong precognitive occurrences, prior to it happening.

For one of my precognitive premonitions was a death of a friend by the name Leroy Jones which came true 5 days after I had the precognitive vision and during the 5 days before his death I shared that premonition with 2 others that also knew Leroy, I had the premonition on a Sunday night on January 12th 1998 he died that following Friday on January 17th at 10:35 AM outside a liquor store next to the barber shop he and his brother worked at, at the time, when I briefly living in Oakland Ca. Leroy Jones was 19 year old.

During that time of Leroy's death word got around about me from the people I shared the premonition with prior to it happening because they felt they were silent witnessing to his death and it spooked them out tremendously. 2 police officers came to my house for a statement on what I knew but I didn't know nothing just what I seen within, so they pretty much left uncertain about me, which was okay. Then about an hour later a reporter showed up to my door whom heard about me and I was asked to be a guest on a show called Soul Beat to discuss my abilities and was offered a year's worth of dream counseling and dream monitoring therapy for the study of my dreams and precognitive imagery.

There's a lot more testimonies I have similar to this and would love to share them with you just not now, my main goal to share my true Medium viewing experience I had with Michael Jackson. In order for you guys to truly understand what I experienced with MJ, I will need to walk you through step by step details of my viewing with the one and only King of pop.

Sunday, June 28th around 7:45 pm my baby and I along with some friends of mines, we all went to Michael Jackson Family home on Havenhurst to drop off some flowers, a letter I wrote to Michael and a candle I lit upon leaving, I instantly notice the energy was tremendously high filled with love and genuine support whom which all of us there at that moment were on the same oneness Vibrational level that connected him to us spiritually and to the world.

This is my true medium experience as I understand it with the "King of Pop" although I never met him in person I met him truly in spirit as I believe we all can by raising our Vibrational Levels to the highest of consciousness.

Later that Sunday night after a few of my friends leave my house, I finally manage to put my baby to sleep, I laid down for bed and closed my eyes it was approximately 2:55 am Monday morning of June 29, 2009. I was very tired but just could not fall asleep especially under the circumstances of MJ passing.

I would say maybe about 10 minutes into my numbness of no sleep, I started feeling like someone is watching me, my eyes are still closed and in the darkness of my eyes lids through the minds eye, I started to see the dark blue sky filled with stars all round, all of a sudden on the far left side of the starred dark blue sky a man appeared skateboarding in circles, the image started to come in much clearer the man had a light grey suit on with stripes and a hat, although I couldn't see his face I could hear him whistling with his hands in his pockets, I felt a sense that he knew I was watching him and at that very moment in shock I realized it's Michael.

Michael continued to skateboard in circles at this point the whistling had stopped by now, I felt he was like feeling me out as if he was deciding if he should to talk to me or not and also a kind of shy and kind of lonely feeling from him. All of a sudden the image of him skateboarding in his suit disappeared and a pure bright glowing hand briefly appeared very close to my view point when the hand put up the number one sign it quickly faded away leaving a trace of brightness behind as I looked into the brightness I started to see parts of a room, a long wooden counter top full of papers like musical notes and important papers it was sort of messy but I think on purpose, besides that the rest of the room seemed filled with a lot of stuff but all was in order.

I started to hear a strong distinctive educated voice talking as if he was on the phone handling important business; the voice gets louder with a distressful tone this time.

I then see a lady moving around, adjusting pillows and prepping things very meticulous as if this was a normal routine for her. I still hear the loud voice talking in the background then a frail white colored right arm appears all you see is the white shirt sleeves rolled up pass the elbow, a needle is inserted just below the top part of the elbow slightly to the right the needle is removed. I hear a soft voice say "ouch, that one hurts this time". But the distinctive strong voice continues to speak in a loud and intelligent manner until it gradually starts to fade out into the background entirely.

Almost instantly this is when things got even stranger, I started to hear the soft voice panicking thoughts, thinking to himself he feel very numb that he can't feel his arms, he can't even move his legs, he tries to call for help but his breathe is short and faint. At that very moment I began to experience feeling short of breathe, I kept swallowing profusely for about 30 seconds not being able to catch my breath, I then regained my normal breathing.

Shortly after that Michael starts to say in his mind "why is my Doctor kissing me, why is he choking me and why is he beating on my chest so hard like this". In a somewhat confused state.

That was it. That was the last thing Michael remembered during the time of his transitioning to the higher existence of life but that wasn't the last time I connected with MJ, there would be 2 more solid Mediumship connections I had with MJ, the second on August 30, 2009 and the 3rd and final one was on September 2 2009.

The 2nd viewing on a Sunday of August 30, 2009, MJ energy came across again as if he should continue to trust me or not on what he's about to feed me and was not quite sure on me but after silently observing me for a while maybe after like 10 minutes or so, he finally relented and started sharing his incredible love for comic books and that he's been collecting them since he was a little boy and wanted his kids to have them when they're older.

His energy expressed to me that he buried loads of comic books in different areas throughout Neverland and other places special to him, he had actually made a magic map he said to locate them & other treasures (he likes to call it) but sadly expressed that after the horrible lies he could no longer bear the taunted energy on Neverland and did not want to go back there so he asked 2 of his attorneys at the time a male and female attorney to go and retrieve those and other sentimental valuables, they did however retrieve mainly everything that he asked for except for his comic books the attorneys claimed was not there and that the Feds or someone else who may also have known about them might have found them but around that time MJ for some reason believed the comic books were actually stolen from him and wants those back for his kids, kids. As he puts it "it's worth a tremendous amount" and it belongs to them.

Another thing that was bothering his non-physical energy that day was how adamant he was about one of his classical cars he specifically wanted his kids to have forever and shared with me that this particular classic car he use to just sit inside the back seat for hours on end just to write, think and clear his head, he expressed that his kids would be closest in connecting with him that way especially the youngest one, whom he say loves riding in cars, would go straight to sleep as soon as he entered the vehicle.

The last thing he shared with me that day on August 30, 2009, was that he actually made contact with his daughter Paris the day before on his birthday, she was on the floor in a bedroom not sure if it was her room but she was listening to his music, looking at different album covers and photos of her dad other gave her, just crying away saying "please come back", "please come back".

The beautiful thing about that is that he was right there next to her also sitting on the floor, she was even open enough to communicate with him but not sure if she realized it or not but a song of his came on "You are my world, you are my life" he told her whenever you hear this, your love will be at the strongest peak and know I'm right here with you, just start sharing your thoughts and I will share minds. That was what he shared with her.

Now the very last and final time I was able to channel the King of Pop was September 02, 2009 on a Wednesday night. This particular connection with him was completely different and darker from the rest, which changed my future prospective on wanting to continue connecting with non-physical energies.

Well, his energy this time came through very strong that night, it was a excited energy but his energy wasn't alone there were others, it started off sounding like a bunch of radios playing loud in the background and each song did not interfere with the next, I clearly heard each sound from the radios in my head.

The first one was: "Fly me to the moon", followed by "sitting on the deck of the bay wasting time", then "Oh watch me now, I feel good", (which startled me & made me jump at first upon hearing song) then "the rhythm of life is a powerful beat" and lastly, I heard a person singing "let's call the whole thing off", with the Musical instruments of that last song still in background with great intensity.

At that point I started getting very nervous, then all of a sudden I got bombarded with every one of those sound energies trying to get my attention needing me to reach out to their love ones to tell them different things about this and that, it was just too much.

I completely doubted myself based on fear and started thinking my own thoughts like, I can't do this, I'm not the right person to make this happen, it's a lot more stronger & famous Clair's than me out there they can to connect with them but then the last thing I remember thinking was something no Clair should ever do which is thinking this must be the work of dark energies playing mind games because I never dealt with more than one non-physical energy at a time and that truly overwhelmed and scared me.

I started saying in my head I don't want to continue on with this, I need to break away now, as I was slowly trying to pull myself out of that entire connection, MJ started saying I betrayed him, I'm just like the rest, saying he trusted me and shouldn't have never trusted a stranger with his personal life or friends, he told them I would help but instead I embarrassed him and he said to me I was evil for leading him on.

As he shared those words something very traumatizing starting happening to me, as I was still laying in my bed eyes still closed at this point I started visualizing my fear of thousands of roaches completely covering my whole body, my heart started beating real fast trying very hard to open my eyes and I finally did but when I did open them, I still seen the roaches and felt paralyzed and could not move as I seen and felt every single leg moving rapidly on me as mounds of roaches were crawling on top on each other.

Then all of a sudden, they were gone, I was physically able to move again, I started crying really bad begging out loud asking MJ for forgiveness of being a coward and that my intentions was to never lead him on, it was just fear, I was not equipped for what he needed me to do but it literally fell on death ears, as to the connection with the King of Pop was completely gone, absolutely no indication of his energy whatsoever, ultimately making it the absolute very last time I was able to channel him.

So with all that being said I'm here to write my wrongs and share this experience I had with MJ as he so indeed wanted me to back in 2009.

I now have the courage and the understanding of my gifts a little bit more now to express this experience we shared, mainly for his children to let them know he was, is and always will be there, he just need them to raise their vibrational level of energy more often, clearing out their minds to receive the open energy by strongly thinking of him in order to tone into the mind's eye to let him guild them in.

I love you all and thank you so very much for reading my medium experience with MJ. I will be also posting a video on you-tube regarding this encounter in full detail, I will have a link for that soon. In the meantime, if anyone have questions about this particular medium viewing or need understand about being in between consciousness or just simple needs guidance on how to connect with a non-physical love one, please feel free to reach out to anytime.

The only thing I ask, when reaching out to me, is that your energy Chakra is open and with me being a Highly sensitive Empath you're okay with me internalizing your thoughts and emotions but if your thoughts and emotions are associated with any emotional pain within you, I would only pick up on that which would, physically and emotionally drain my body immensely to the point that I may have a spasmodic episode, so please if you can limit the pain when connecting with me. With Love the Silent Keeper.

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