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Columbine Spirit Experiences?


Recently I've been having dreams relating to the two perpetrators of the Columbine Massacre. I'm not even sure why, as I don't have an interest in this, but let me go on to say it anyway. Hopefully I can get some answers or at least some help on this!

For two nights straight I dreamt of Eric and last night I dreamt of Dylan.

The first dream: I was in the cafeteria and the only light was the light that the windows provided us. Eric had been sitting down, his back facing me, not saying a word. I was walking through the cafeteria (looking for a table, I assume?) despite it being empty. For some odd reason his presence didn't seem to phase me at all.

Second one: It was the day the shooting took place. I was standing in the room, panicking, yet not hiding. They entered and attacked anyone but me. Eric entered from this door that was on my left and a tall black figure, presumably Dylan, was following behind him. The tall black figure held a gun pointing up with his left hand. Eric had his in his hands, his left on the trigger while the other hand held the neck of gun, so it was facing to the right, not pointing at anyone. I don't remember what happened after that, but I remember this girl getting mad at me because they shot her friends instead of me. I kept asking her what she meant, as I was still confused about what just happened.

The third one was sort of random, but for some reason Dylan was there? He was talking, but I couldn't understand him.

Call this a coincidence, but whenever I leave my phone on shuffle I keep getting song after song pertaining to things like love, alienation, and wanting to seek revenge, as well as Du Hast playing after every few songs. I keep deleting these sorts of songs, as they have been getting on my nerves.

Aside from that I feel like these tickle-like touches on my head, hands, arms, and legs. This started to happen once I began playing Doom on my computer.

I'm more freaked out and annoyed at this point than anything else.

Anyone want to give me a hand in figuring out what all this means?

This has been going on for a whole month straight. Not necessarily the dreams, but the signs and what not that keep popping up that go back to both them.

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