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Deja Vu? Premonition? Remote Viewing?


I have Deja Vu everyday of my life. I have dreamt a years worth of a relationship that hadn't happened yet. It happened as my dreams. Showed me. I dreamt meeting my sister's current girl friend before ever meeting her or them getting together. Also all through high school, college and 2 months in Florida trip and 3 months in California trip. I hardly remember any of the dreams after I have them. The ones I do remember come true every time I remember them. They all come true. Everything in my life has become a reoccurring dream. Still to this day I still have deja Vu. I get so freaked out with a really really bad feeling like something awful is about to happen Everyday! I don't know how to shake it but I so wish I could. My friends think it'd be oh so awesome if they could see things before they happened. I need some advice on this because It's been like 12 years since it first began. But I just can't stand that bad feeling like something terrible is about to happen. For instance the tornado that tore up a bunch of stuff in Indiana. I had a bad feeling way before it happened. Please help me understand all of this and possibly why it triggers everyday of my life. I have dreamt so many life altering things It's so unreal. For instance everything I do daily to people dying and knowing it is going to happen before it actually happens. So many of them make me sick to my stomach and I sit and yet to breathe calmly and relax myself. Most of the time it doesn't help until it passes. I don't know I dreamt it before it happens until after it happen. I would like to understand how or why it happens or more importantly how to control it. The dreams I do remember haven't happened yet but I've seen it happen already and it makes me feeling like should I say anything or is this really happening to me. Is everything going to happen like I dreamt it? Is it just me? Why do I remember all of this and why don't I remember the others? Does something I do trigger these?

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bsuttles3922 (2 stories) (165 posts)
9 years ago (2015-06-03)
You're precognitive and having premonitions. It is normal, if you can learn to manipulate your dream to something normal you should able to escape your premonition and precognitive sensing. Though you may nor want to. The reason why You receive them is because you're meant to help or stop them.
Emotionlessthug (68 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-22)
During July 2010 I was 17 years old, and I had a dream that I was going to be living with my father sleeping on a sofa. August 2011 it actually happened.
hermitgan (guest)
11 years ago (2013-11-27)
I have similar Deja Vu experiences since 18 (since 1999). I'm currently in my mid 30s.
Mine is more extreme usually a weird nightmare first. Followed by a Deja Vu experience... (a day later)

Like Haven's Gate mass suicide in 1999
Deja Vu of mass suicide (in a US warehouse 2000)
Deja Vu of Tokyo train poison incident 2001
Deja Vu of China Falun Gong 2001

Deja Vu of me and girlfriend being robbed in a certain location (malaysia) and yes. 3 Months later we were robbed by a guy with bloody HIV syringe needle at the exact location. We gave our $$ to him. Lucky for us both safe!

Deja Vu of myself winning a small prize (Coffee maker) Good Deja Vu (Last year)

But Just Imagine waking up sweating in fear and unsure who to share with especially it's a mass suicide (Bloody) and being very unsure about the location and unable to stop it from happening. (Usually 1-5 days before)

I'm getting lesser of Deja Vu nowadays, hope it will end. Or should it continue?
Please share our thoughts! Thanks!
Newbiepsychic (109 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-24)
I have some of these experiences as well although certainly not to the same extent or frequency. I've learned that there are some things you can control and some you cannot, and often in the dreams you will be told in a way that you will not be able to control the outcome.
Quite plainly, you are psychic and tapping into that level of consciousness. However, sounds like in a way you have not accepted it yet and so that's part of the experience, learning to accept it, and learning to control it.
First accept it. It's real, not your imagination, not something controlling you. Once you accept it's real, turn it around and be careful how you focus your attention, aim for positive outcomes. If you see something in a dream that is a negative outcome, pray for a positive one, keep doing that.
Also, try asking for it to all slow down, that you are overloaded.
I had reoccurring dreams months ago of the storm in Philippines and was shown that all could not be saved, that it would be very sad. Many others like that of world events and of next day events in my general life.
Part of it being out of control for you is the mere fact that you don't yet accept it as real, otherwise you wouldn't be asking about it. Get your head around the fact that it IS real, you are tapping into this, you do have this ability... Then go to work on controlling it which is as simple as being positive, not feeling fear and having empathy for the situations and trying to turn them into positives and accepting that that will not always occur.
It's a wake up call:) it's telling you you are more than what you think you are as is this world we live in and inviting you to expand your consciousness and abilities:)
Keep writing in...:)
courtlove90 (1 stories) (1 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-20)
Thanks KaseyLyndal. I really appreciate your comments. Yes they are really strong and Mom is the same way. I really don't know how I am to go about all of this. Even submitting this story and signing up to this was deja Vu.
KaseyLyndal (3 stories) (34 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-19)
Just so you know, you're not alone. I've had dreams like that before. I don't have them as nearly as often but mine are usually in great detail and about myself. I even knew the emotions I would be feeling from the dreams. I remembered the dreams during the event and after. Yours seems to be really strong. I wish you luck and remember your not alone.

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