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Part Of A Deceased Person's Soul In Another Person?


My brother, Patrick, died when I was 5. He was 19.

I am now 47 and have 4 children. The oldest, Quinn, is 15.

As soon as Quinn was born, I felt that I knew that he was Patrick. This knowledge stayed with me always, despite learning certain things such as "our relatives wait for us in heaven and we all reincarnate at the same time", and despite that fact that when I visited with a medium, my brother Patrick came through loud and clear. I wondered how my brother's soul could be my son's soul if it was obvious that he was still on the other side and speaking to me via a medium. Still, I felt that there was some sort of loophole and that they are one in the same.

My theory strengthened as my son grew older and had many of the same personality traits, taste in music (60's and 70's), and even chose to see my brother's favorite singer (Don McLean) in concert for his most recent bday gift.

In recent years, I heard a few televised mediums say to others things similar to, "the baby daughter you lost 4 years ago is here and she is saying that part of her soul is in your newborn son."

What? I am confused. I know that we all have a soul here in our bodies and a Higher Self portion of our soul on the other side, so was the televised medium actually speaking to the Higher Self of the deceased daughter due to the daughter's soul being back on earth in the newborn son? Is the daughter's soul reincarnated? Can she have a part of her soul in that newborn boy and in someone else, say another baby that would be born to that mother? Do our souls split? Or is it just the one soul and the Higher Self that accompanies it that comprise the "soul"? How come I never hear mediums saying, that they are talking to us on the other side as we sit in front of them. "Your Higher Self tells me that..." I would think they would use that lingo- or something like, "Umm... Let me see, I'll ask you and then give you your answer." I'm absolutely not picking on mediums here even tho it may sound like it.

I have psychic experiences and recently my brother Patrick came to me and showed me a glimpse of himself and spoke to me. He sort of whizzed by my left eye and told me that a package I had forgotten I was going to be getting, was on the porch. It arrived several hours later, on the porch, of course.

My brother only showed me his hair (which looks much like my son's but is a tad darker) and his shirt. He had on my son's uniform shirt. He showed me himself with his hair and my son's shirt. I was so happy to know that they are connected and that he wanted me to know that. I just don't know how it works.

Do any of you have any thoughts on this?

Thank you! Michelle

P.S. Not that his matters to the story but I think it is interesting- the package was a Bose music station which also charges an IPOD. He called it a "recharger". "The recharger is on the front porch," he said. I thought that was funny and knew there was no way I imagined it because I would never use the word "recharger" and I wouldn't describe the Bose music station as an IPOD charger, because to me, it is more of a speaker and the charging part is secondary.

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PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
10 years ago (2014-04-16)
Michellesoul some times I miss her. I had her attemp to come through a healer who was on the edge of Trance healing as he moved around me. The instructor saw his aura change and I could smell and feel my cousin. At the end of the day I explained to the other student that it was my cousin. I have found that love never dies and when we walk through troubled water they can come through. I truly believe the more we learn the more we realize we are fore ever learning and we never come to the ultimate end. For it is forever unfolding.
michellesmith (2 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-07)
Thank you PathR for sharing your experience. I helps. It makes me a bit sad that our "soul groups" do not necessarily stay together. Or maybe they do and I am misunderstanding? Does it bother you that your cousin is elsewhere? Maybe that question doesn't even apply... I don't know.

I am so happy to be at a point in my life in which I am experiencing quite a bit of psychic communication but I have just scratched the surface and there seems to be so much that conflicts.
Thanks again! Michelle
michellesmith (2 stories) (9 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-07)
Thank you for responding Krislove. I appreciate all of your thoughts. I'll have to read and re-read it to get a handle on it. Of course, it is written very well, I just cannot grasp some of these concepts - my husband has a similar answer, and I just can't get a hold of it. Perhaps it just doesn't feel right yet. I have the same issue with understanding different dimensions occurring simultaneously and the idea that everything has already occurred. So much to learn! Thanks again, Michelle
P.S. I am sure I will take you up on your offer to email you regarding these types of issues. Thank you! It is very kind.
Krislove (65 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-30)
My own personal belief that I have come up with so far is this: most believe that we only have one life and die. That our souls are whole and one entity. I feel like our souls are a collection of energy manifested into a separate being that is not entirely disconnected from all the others beings.

We may look and feel like individuals but we are all connected to the one source. Some calls this source god. I am using terms that you would probably relate with but don't take it literally. I believe god is a place holder and it is that place where all is known. When we incarnated we are a group of energy compacted into this body (the soul). This soul holds a part of the whole consciousness but it doesn't not know all. It's purpose here is whatever it wants to experience. If you were part of the god consciousness and all knowing and you only wanted to know a part of that knowing how would you go about it knowing it? You see, the ultimate reality is nothing. Nothing exist. In order for something to exist something else has to look like it is not there. You cannot have a house without the air between the walls. It's impossible. Yet we know the air is there.

We entered this world knowing that we have to block out the ultimate truth in order to get the experience we choose. Everything is an illusion but we accept that illusion because we SEE it. It appears real. So question everything. Everything you were ever taught. Re-examined every thought you ever had. If you died with regrets or high emotions and you were given the chance by "God" (on the highest level you are a part of god) to come back and "Correct a wrong" would you take it? If you found out that you had the opportunity to pick your situation and the people you want to interact with, who, what, when, where would you pick? Or if you were suddenly tire of the journey and needed a rest and wanted to reconnect with the god consciousness (going to heaven) would you?

The problem with us staying in the god consciousness is that too much of a good thing becomes no thing. Without the contrast of another nothing exist. If the concept of evil did not exist, how would you be able to describe good? It's like describing the taste of salt to a person who never had it. What if you didn't like some aspects of your "soul" and wanted other energies to join you in your "new life" so that you will have other opportunities to grow because you still wanted to join the game of life.

These are my own views and they are somewhat disjointed but only because there's so much to discuss and without more questions I can't explain it all to your satisfaction because I don't know which direction to go in. I hope this helps. If you want to you can contact me at gnavycart [at] and I would be more than willing to share my thoughts and ideas or answer questions. I am also searching for answers too and I find that I learn so much more when I am sharing with others. Have a great day.
PathR (4 stories) (1274 posts)
11 years ago (2013-11-21)
There are different thoughts on this subject.

I do know that my cousin passed away some years ago.
I was told when she reincarnated into another body
And the part of the world she resides at.
After this I had some troubles in my life. I sensed my cousins presence visit me.
With my belief system. I knew that that
There in a part of soul that lived in her body, yet a part of consciousness visited me.

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