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Dream Visitations From Deceased Pets


I'm not the biggest believer in anything paranormal. I used to be when I was younger, which is how I know about this site, but not so much anymore, but it's late and I was looking up people seeing their pets who have passed away in dreams. And it has got me thinking about a series of experiences following the death of my dog, Abbie and one particular dream just over a week before my dog, Zoe, died.

I had had dreams about Abbie many times since I lost her, most of which I put down to a grieving mind, even years later I still thought it was grief. Then there was one dream that felt completely different, it had a strength to it that made me listen. It happened on my birthday, which was just over a week before Zoe died. I dreamt I was sat on the kitchen floor beside the back door, which was open. It was very sunny outside, I could only see the top of the garden and the rest was just light. I was petting Abbie and Zoe. My other dog, Max, was nowhere in sight. I found this odd since every time I had dreamt about Abbie she was either on her own or with both Max and Zoe. As I was petting them, Zoe walked off into the kitchen and Abbie stayed beside me. Until she decided to run outside into the garden. Zoe came running behind her but before Zoe could go outside, I grabbed her and stopped her from going. I looked outside and Abbie was stood there, ready to go down the steps into the bit of the garden I couldn't see. That was when I woke up, I had been crying and I was overwhelmed with worry and sadness. My parents called me not long after I woke up and wished me happy birthday, but the first thing I asked them was 'Is Zoe alright?'. They told me she was fine and I managed to shake the feelings though I felt odd for a few hours.

A few days later my parents came up to my university city for a day, to celebrate a belated birthday with me since I had the day off. After we had a day out, I told them my lecture the following day was cancelled and they asked me if I wanted to come home for the rest of the week. I hesitated since I didn't want to miss my Friday class but then I was hit with the same feeling I had when I woke up from the dream. I knew if I didn't go home with them that I would regret it, so I said yes. It turns out that that was the last time I saw Zoe. I wasn't there when she died, which upsets me but I don't even want to think about how upset I would have been if I never saw here that last time. I feel like the dream I had was Abbie telling me it was time for Zoe to go with her, and I had to say goodbye. I don't know if she was supposed to die that night but I stopped it or if it was Abbie giving me a warning. If it wasn't for that dream I would have missed my chance to see her one more time, so if it was a psychic message or just a coincidence, I'm very grateful for it.

A few weeks later I had another dream with both of them, they were standing at the bottom of the garden in the sunlight. I reached out to pet them and they seemed so real. They seemed happy to have each other back, since they grew up together and were very close. The strange part of this was that it was the day before I brought home my new dog, Lexa, so she could keep Max company, since he had lost both of his friends. It felt like they were telling me that I shouldn't feel guilty about bringing a new dog home. I haven't seen them in a dream since then but I've noticed Lexa barking and growling where they used to sleep. I've also noticed her staring at the spot next to me on the sofa, where Abbie used to sleep (a spot Lexa has now claimed). The strange part about it is that Max never stares or barks, he just stands wagging his tail. As well as that my nephew has seen them, since he asked 'If Zoe has died then why is she there?' and pointed to her bed. He's also asked if the white dog is Lexa's mum. Abbie died before he was even born so he has never seen her, but Lexa does look like Abbie. Even if I haven't personally seen anything, I want to believe that they are still there. Though if they are I don't think it's for me anymore, since I haven't dreamt about them in over a year. I think they were there waiting for Max, so the three of them can be together again. I just hope that they will be waiting a good few years before Max is ready to join them.

I just posted this since it's something I needed to get out of my head, since for some reason it had been taking over my thoughts lately, even if most of it happened a while ago.

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Maria216 (2 stories) (53 posts)
6 years ago (2018-08-27)
I never had a visitation on a dream from my beloved dog, Rocky, who passed away in Feb of 2015 but on 2016, New Year's Eve, just came from work, before 12midnight, I was upstairs (balcony) and was about to take a video of fireworks around, my iPad suddenly clicked for about 2-3 times without me doing it. The next day, when I was reviewing the videos and photos, I saw a strange golden image that seems like a face of a dog. I sent same to my sister and she said that must be of Rocky's. Maybe my dog has been telling me not to be sad for he is still around watching over me. When he was still alive, I used to take him to the balcony after walking him outside on leash. Also, I do that in the evening as well but takes him downstairs, put on leash (in our garage) in the night. I loved that dog so much.

P.S., I am still keeping that photo in my iPad until this time.
Melda (9 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-31)
Leevi - Treasure what you experienced.

I have experienced visitations from my passed pets, cats and dogs. Fortunately I have been wide awake and glimpsed, saw or heard them. Their "personalities" are so unique that you know exactly which animal is visiting you. I won't go into detail, although I can carry on forever on this subject 😊

The memories live forever!

Regards, Melda
Avalanche (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-07-15)
My beloved cat passed on this friday the 13th I have since then asked my spirits guides to help me connect with him in my dreams and so far I have only seen one if his eyes pop up in a dream and have heard a loud meow that sounded a little upset it could have been him but I don't know if was. We took my cat on the 13th to the vets cause he was constantly loosing weight it turned out he had cancer and only three days to a week to live we had no other choise to let him go everything happened so quickly but we got one hour to say farewell it was the worst day of my life I broke down and got into a state of chock I miss him more than anything he was the best friend you can possibly have I'm happy we got almost 16 years together 16 years of love and happiness. I want him to know how much I loved him and want to him to know that I feel sorry for not perhaps spending enough mtime with him the weeks before his passing. How do get intouch with your deceased pet in the best way.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
6 years ago (2018-07-14)
Pet visitation dreams are one of my favorites. They generally help us heal from this most painful separation. I have always felt many dreams are just disguised astral projections but in dreams the subconscious is in control. Either way, any visit from a beloved pet, dream or otherwise, is a blessing.

Thanks for sharing.

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