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Hearing A Message From A Deceased Loved One


I have always had the ability to know, sense or feel the emotions of those present and those past. I hear no voices, and on occasion will "see" those who appear in a "frequency" undetected by others. Life has been interesting to say the least. A viable experience, which can be confirmed by others, is one where I felt and knew my deceased aunt was present as I prepared to visit my cousins daughter who had had her first child. Without "audibly" hearing her, my Aunt Claire repeated "there is something wrong with Nikki s' baby"; until I verbally said out loud "Okay I hear you. There is something wrong". She repeated her message. As my daughter and I drove into the city, I shared my experience. My daughter, nodded her head, okay... Always the skepic, I laughed knowing she knows I am not like anyone else's mom, and that's just the way it is. WE arrive, the new parents absorbed in their admiration. I asked how he was, I was assured he was perfect, He was beautiful, his pain was severe, he wailed. I knew all was not well. The doctor entered, telling them additional test were necessary. I asked Nikki to call her mom. She questioned and declined. My daughter and I left and called my cousin to tell her to come and to share my experience regarding her mother coming to me and her message. I have never asked if she hesitated or if she arrived before he went into cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma. I block so much of what I sense... To have the ability is a "gift" I ignore. To sense emotional and from time to time physical pain isn't welcome, lol. I have my own. Spirtually, yes, something is to come, we ignore the obvious. In my career I deal in facts, in physical evidence. I sometimes wish I could open the eyes of those who can not see, those who lack empathy and hearts. Of us all. Lol, crazy? I wonder myself.

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