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Controlled By Something


I encountered this experience when I was just in grade school. As I remember it was in my aunt house. Their house is just beside the hill and old church located at the bottom of it. It was a night full of laughing. Then we decided to sleep. Everyone is sleeping included me.Then, suddenly I started to gain my consciousness and rapidly stand without thinking. I was so surprised, what am I doing? That feeling that you can't even move in your own way. My feet started to walk going to the door. Then I open the door, my hands moving on their own. But I don't know why I did such thing. Honestly I'm scared of dark But why my feet walking up to the hill without any hesitation. I'm scared but I can't move on my own. I travel the place. I just gain my full control when the dog is barking at me. Then rapidly, I ran and find light. I decided not the go back in my aunt house since I was already far from it. So I decided to find near houses. I spotted one and I knock the door seriously because dogs are following me striking my leg. And that's the end of the scenario. The woman open the door ask me if what am I doing their at the middle of the night. I just answered can I stay here for this night?. Then she replied of course. Then she follow up some question if where did I came from. Then I tell her the whole story and she was amazed. I am very scared that thing will going to back. I was so curious if what that stupid thing happened to me when I was a child. Is that just a health problem or really someone or something really controlling me at that time.

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xhianway11 (1 stories) (2 posts)
8 years ago (2016-01-22)
Thanks for the feedback Michael. Maybe you're right that I just woke up at the exact time that I were about to sleep walk. But is it really possible being conscious in the state of sleep walk?
MagicMike (2 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-10)
My name is Michael.
I highly doubt you were being controlled as you were conscious at the time. What could have happened is if you woke up at the exact moment you were about to sleep walk and your brain doesn't fully operate in the process. Although that is just my opinion and I have absolutely no knowledge on this whatsoever but it is very intriguing. Perhaps you should consult a doctor and ask him if it is mental or spiritual. You do not have to account his beliefs on spirituality but it is just my opinion.

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