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Vivid Vision: A Glimpse Into The Future Through A Deer Sign


Six of my friends and I were headed to Chico to take back my boyfriends daughter to her mothers. We decided to make a fun trip and carpool together and hang out at Honey run before we dropped her off. Jason, J (my boyfriend), Eddera (J's daughter) and I were in Jason's car. Aaron, Jimmy and Josh were behind us in Aaron's car. Aaron had a black T-top that he removed before the trip because that day was in the high 90's low 100's.

We lived in Susanville, Ca. It is a two hour trip to Chico from Susanville. Going west up highway 36 about fifteen minutes out of Susanville I seen this deer crossing sign. A sign that I have seen hundreds of times going to Chester/Chico/Redding, never having any thought to it other than to watch out for deer. But on this day and with this sign a vision flashed through my mind. The vision was as clear as if I was watching it on TV but it was in a flash. I watched a deer jump out in front of Aaron's car, his car took all four legs out from under the deer and it flipped over the top, hit Aaron in the head with its hoof and fall down the back. I shook my head and thought that was weird. It never dawned on me to look behind me because I hadn't had visions like this before during the day.

About twenty minutes later we got to Chester and stopped for snacks at the gas station. I was standing in line and stood near the door that was open because of the heat. I seen Aaron pull up, get out and run to Jason. I could hear him talking as I stood in line. I was about third behind and heard Aaron say, "Dude, your not going to believe this but this freaking deer jumped in front of my car, flipped over the top and its hoof hit me in the freakin head as it fell off the back!" My jaw dropped! Jimmy and Josh both validated this with awe and excitement. I told him what happened to me before it happened to him. Both of us experienced a very strange event that neither of us could explain. My first day vision but it was not my last.

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