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The Future Of Psychic Evolution?


My name is Michael.

I've been having these dreams lately and they're very specific in what they are. I had a dream about us Psychics being hunted. It wasn't just being hunted and caged it was scientific research to test the limit of one's psychic ability for future research and how it varies with other people. I had a dream the media will demonise Psychics and portray us as villains. Using the term "Terrorist" or some other propaganda-like label, Soom will it just be too dangerous for us to be out there? Obviously considering the war on ISIS and everything? Will they create a chemical that will defuse any psychic activity in our brains and put it in the water we drink?

Or will organisations create a shadow company that tracks down people like Ingo Swann and kills them?

What if we evolve in such a way that it would be dangerous for us to be public? People predicting future "Terrorist" attacks and events. Could you imagine if a guy like Nostradamus was still around now? Are you telling me that he wouldn't have been killed? Then again everything happens for a reason. Why do we ponder life's mysteries? Why do we think beyond the physical? Why do we even have these abilities and what is the meaning? Will our psychic knowledge interfere with government assignments and militarism? Or do we just follow the stereotypical lifestyle of non-psychics? Not to show our abilities to the world? Why? 3 letters but such a beautiful meaning. Why? Why? Why?. Is there a god? Is there a satan? Is there a good or evil? Do we even know the difference? We can never fully understand the meaning of life or if this is even real. Just a universal illusion of some sort. Where do these atoms we touch come from and why are there so many different atoms? What is light? Is light merely a simulation of energy?


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Nightingale (145 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-13)
Hello Michael,
I found your ideas intriguing. Personally, I have experienced one vision in this world of a psychic being experimented upon and was told: this is what they will do to you.
We could in theory evolve to be dangerous, but so could a man with a gun, a woman who losses her grip on reality, or anyone who loses self-control and the desire to be a moral being.
I must and do genuinely believe that we have a place in this world. We can help others realize what is to come, but recognition of our existence and the realization that we are not a threat simply because of our abilities, these will take time. For Americans, the fight of women and people of all races and religions have fought for and gained recognition as humans with something great to offer the world. Countries all over the world have legalized marriage between people of the same gender. These things are progress in human morality, and this will never stop changing.
Once the fear of something different is gone, anything is possible. We are possible and the world will see that. We just need to contribute what we can as individuals.
Someday, I hope it won't matter to anyone whether a person is Mexican, Chinese, female, homosexual, Jewish, or psychic, just so lobg as he or she is a positive influence on others and a morally-thinging contributor to society.
We can help people around us, and as long as we continue making it clear that this is our goal, I believe we can ease fears to build bridges and eventually live openly as who and what we are.
Respect and believe will take time. For now, all we can do is peacefully help and advise, especially one another, where we can.
I wish you peace,
MagicMike (2 stories) (12 posts)
9 years ago (2015-08-11)
Hello Anne.
Thank you for you insight and I appreciate your comments. I am aware of the "Stargate Project" and I know what they did. I honestly think it was a way of torture as they were hypnotised to not tell anybody about what they saw or they would experience excruciating pain and illnesses. It is mysterious how Ingo Swann has no official cause of death publicly. What I am saying is if what will happen when Psychics advance enough for the government to feel inferior by their power? Will they lock us up and test us like animals? Fortunately for me I am empathic and I understand good and evil, what drives somebody towards the stage of either one. But is any of this even real? Is the universe even a reality for is it simply a simulation in our brain? We also have computer codes in our DNA aswell but that is no evident answer as us humans invented the internet. But who am I to investigate? I'm just another 1 within the billions on this planet searching for answers, searching for a path, searching for a destiny. Do we even have any control over our fate? Or does God decide our destiny? Is god even real? So many answers we will never know but so many questions we already do.
AnneV (4 stories) (1064 posts) mod
9 years ago (2015-08-11)
Psychics have already been used by the government and military (remote viewers) so there isn't a need to round them up. However, if something were to change, say for example some type of DNA changed in "some" parts of the population that made them hyper psychic, then that might happen, but until then, people volunteer all of the time with varying success. If we all evolve at the same time then the government, or whomever, would just use their own staff. It has to be a small group with extremely accelerated abilities and viewed as a threat. Right now that just doesn't exist.

Psychics are already demonized but it's by religion and not the government. Religions don't want people to ask questions outside the box so that they don't question oddities in their own religion. For example, why would an all loving God send someone to hell for all of eternity? How could Adam and Eve spawn all these people and not have inbreeding from their children mating with their siblings (there would be no other families to mate with). So they ask their members to have blind faith and don't question their stories or authority. They call being psychic the devil's work because believing in it will open doors to other really big questions, pretty much like the big questions your own post asks.

Many people claiming to be psychic don't have a great record. Even very good ones are still around 80% or so. In summary, psychics are not a threat-- yet.

By all means, show your ability to the world!

In a way, what we perceive is an illusion but it's a necessary one for us to spiritually evolve. You need "good and evil" because without evil it would be like writing with white chalk on a white chalkboard. You'd not see the writing because you'd not know the opposite. We need the dark to appreciate the light. We ask these questions because we are spirits temporarily housed in a meat suit and want to understand what the heck we're doing here and what it all means. You'll stop incarnating when you figure that out;-)

Great thoughts and questions.


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