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Glimpse Of Somebody's Past?


My name is Michael.

I have recently been able to do something unexplainable.

I am clairvoyant but I can have a vision of a person's life in a glimpse in my inner eye, Know if it was good or bad, know what happened and if anyone died. It's like a glimpse of scenarios they've had to deal with. It all started when I placed an azurite on my third eye while meditating (for which I have no idea why I did) and I felt different. It felt like my empathic ability had gone but there was something new. I wondered if it was an ability I tapped into in the meditation but how would I consciously know how to use it this early? I looked it up at first and there's an ability to retrocognition and the user can peer into somebody's life. I don't know if this is the case with me but it's becoming a huge part of my life and I get these visions when I encounter people in the street too.

I just really need some help understanding what this is if this can evej be explained. I will not go to a doctor as I know this is intuitive as it is so accurate. For example if I encounter B (B is a person) I see them taking cocaine, I see them being bullied, I see what they have to deal with behind closed doors. It's actually really depressing at times.

I encounter them about it and they take they take it out on me, asking me if anyone told me. I might have to take some sort of medication to stop myself from getting these visions. It's hard enough looking people in the eye when you know some of the stuff they've done.

It's not an ability I would say i'm happy to have nor does it help me in any way. I go the shop and I look at the shopkeeper and I get a vision of his life and his deceased child. I ask him about it and he was fascinated how I knew and he told me all about it. If I see a picture of my grandad I see what my grandmother did to him, she locked him in his room and threw plates at him.

I would really love some feedback and opinions.


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vergil117 (guest)
9 years ago (2015-08-15)
hmmm. I can't say i've really encountered anything like that before, but it sounds like you're perceiving this persons energy. It sort of reminds me of Psychometry, which is basically knowing about the past events an object has been through by touching it, but in your case its with people and without touch. Being an empath myself I get really weird feelings when i'm in a room with a lot of people, like I can tell if someones feeling down or upset about something... If you'd like to talk about it at all, my email is biohazardzombie17 [at]

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