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I am now 28 years old and since I was a little girl I've had many strange experiences. I have been able to see small pin pricks in the millions swirling around like a sea of fish. When I close my eyes at night it looks like I'm travelling at light speed through a galaxy of stars. I've had experiences of hearing noises and banging that are unexplained, the feeling of my bed shaking and seeing black cloud like formations swirling around the roof at night.

When I was about 13 I saw a spirit on Christmas Eve which was a black figure across the room from me who was smoking. I thought it was my grandmother at the time who had gotten up early on Christmas morning. It turns out she was never awake early and that wasn't her. My great grandmothers favourite time was Christmas and she was a smoker so we came to the conclusion that it was her as there were no feelings of being scared or anything like that. When I was around 7 years old I remember having a dream where my step-grandmother who had passed not long before came to me, reached out to me and said goodbye. At that age I knew inside of me that she had actually visited me and that the experience was "real".

When I was 21 years old a good friend of mine passed away suddenly. A year or so later I had a dream where I knew she had already passed away therefore I knew this wasn't reality and I was dreaming. She admitted to knowing she had passed also and we talked about her daughter and there was a very loving and comforting feeling having talked to her. I've had multiple dreams since then where she appears and I always know that she has passed on.

Why I am writing this story now is asking for opinions or advice on my latest dream. I say dream but I feel that it and they are so much more. It is an encounter and my most recent one (last night), I feel as if I may have been called upon for help. My father-in-law passed away 2 years ago. I have seen what I know is him in giant orb form on my baby monitor right after he passed. He has also awoken me by yelling my name very loudly when my son was just about to roll off of the bed. I have always had comforting feelings when it comes to him. I know this isn't a lucid dreaming forum but the situation is so intertwined that I feel I should post on here.

Last night I awoke in my dream and my father in law was there. I knew I was dreaming and I knew he too was passed on. My spouse was with me in the dream and he too knew his father was passed. My father in law did not know himself that he had passed. He described it as he had felt like his mind had gone to another place and he had felt like he was constantly living on the weekend after the work week ended without having the consciousness to think or question why. He had a friend or two he went out to the pool hall with until we confronted him and told him that no he has passed away 2 years ago. He started to put it together and realized that yes something had been wrong this whole time. His wife and daughter entered the dream and asked him what it was like that's when he described the whole weekend feeling. He saw his grandson who is now over two years old and was so moved he cried. That was great and it had a strange yet neat feel to it.

At that point he dream changed and the family started to become scared of him as this wasn't natural and thinking we shouldn't be able to see and talk to him like this. At that point it registered with me as well and I started to have a very uneasy feeling. Something felt wrong and scary although I did not want to let on to him that it did. It was getting time for him to leave and say goodbye for now and we thought that he was feeling the same way and was going to tell us that he now realizes he has passed, will be going and we won't see him anymore. When wanting to say goodbye he asked to see me specifically which I thought was very weird as I am not even his real family member. I went to go see him goodbye and instead of wanting to do that he was ready for me to find a way or ways to keep him alive and bring him back so that he never has to go away.

Now I am very confused as to if this was initially my father in law and he is coming to me because he needs some sort of help crossing over and/or if at some point the dream was hijacked by some sort of evil entity. The last half of the dream had an extremely evil feel to it and I awoke extremely scared. I cannot get my mind off of this all day. He should be happy and at peace or at least want to be at peace and not not wanting to live again, especially if he could feel how everybody was frightened.

After I woke up this morning my bedroom door opened on its own while my back was turned and I had a very uneasy feeling before I left the house for work. I don't know if this is a call for help from him if he is trapped or if it is something else all together and he is being used as a mask. This could simply just be a vivid dream as well but I'm just not sure. The fact that I've see him in orb form and he helped me stop my son from falling off of our tall bed tells me he has crossed over and is at peace but this dream makes me question that.

I'm sorry for the super long read but I would love and need some insight or thoughts on this.

Also I've never had any contact with anything evil, demonic or anything like that. I consider myself to be more of a spiritual person than a religious person. Thank you!

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Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-15)
[at] Danio87, one thing about experiences with loved ones that have passed is always making sure that they have truly passed forward to where they need to be. A better place for them to forever live in peace. I mention this because there are cases where loved ones are attached to their home or family that they resist themselves to move forward and begin to wander about their home as a lost soul believing they are still alive.

Families that experience do come to witness the manifestations of their family member roaming their home and caught on pictures or video. One thing is that the member that is passed won't age and will continue to live in the same mindset while new families live in the home - the lost soul would become confused and view every family member as their own.

It is also dangerous to be a lost for too long because they can become dark if demons approach them and decide to corrupt them. The best thing to do is to pray for their soul and conduct a crossover to truly send them to the light where all souls belong.

These are my thoughts from when I read your story - I hope it helps or mean anything to you.

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