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Heartbroken And No One To Share This With


I have only just started to share my experiences with others and with good reason. What I do on a daily basis for my community is difficult enough. Adding these other senses can make it absolutely unbearable. I work with addicts and alcoholics. I know it's my calling so I cope. Until four days ago.

There's this wonderfully gifted and charming poet/painter in my life. We are great friends and have collaborated on many projects. Over the past few years we became rather close. Common interest and spiritual alignments as well. I was so blind to this riptide that was coming.

My friend came over and he was noticeably changed. Physical characteristics and mannerisms. His eyes most of all. Shifty, dark, hidden under his greasy hair. When around my friends I literally try to shut everything off. How ever possible. They deserve privacy and some respect I feel. No offense to anyone who disagrees. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and acted as I usually would. Gave him a hug and it hit me. He's going to die in January just before my mother's 58th birthday. In San Francisco's not so pretty area if you follow my lead. He will be alone outside and due to where his body is it'll be a while before discovery.

Feeling that, I lost my composure. He's 21 years of age currently. He will be a few days shy of his 7th month of being 22. I also felt things when we spent our time together. He's prostituting and living off of drugs intravenously for fuel. I never thought this person would ever do this to themselves. My next discovery was the fact he really didn't care about the consequences of that type of self centered and distructive behavior. He actually got a kick out of being on the edge of life and death. His eyes were black no light to them. The craft or vision for his artistry altered and less refined. I even let him take things of mine that were only of value to me. (Stole for me)

How do you tell someone you love this type of thing? My vision was clear and so detailed. I've been completely shut off to my abilities unless they have a connection to him. What does that mean? Imprinting? Or am I subconsciously focusing on my dear friend? His name of all the names in the world is Chance. He deserves one and normally influence would be my go to. The drugs have made that impossible at this stage in the disease he suffers from. Anyone with any words of wisdom please email me

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pm3000 (2 stories) (14 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-21)
I mean, he's an addict. I posted a while ago about a heroin addict whose spirit was always disembodied and then became a spiritual stalker of me. I had a premonition about him and so I slightly gave him a chance to be friends. He couldn't stand on his feet half the time in person. He always wanted money to buy drugs. Maybe you can try warning him about the premonition, or try a traditional intervention. But hard drugs like that are hard to kick. Yeah, the drugs will probably come first for him. But also protect yourself more than taking care of him. Don't meet him if it hurts you. He will take advantage of you. A Santero told me to take a piece of raw beef, rub it in the shower on my whole body and say/believe that the bad spirits or whatever is attached will leave. This was gross, because I'm vegetarian. But I did it. Then you cut it into 9 pieces after your shower. Put 3 pieces each in x 3 paper bags (so you put all the 9 pieces). Leave the paper bags at 2 crossroads & 1 railroad track. Then drink lots of water and sleep. I did it and it worked. I had a dream that he left. You have to do it once a year, it's very powerful.
Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
This is a beautiful shiva mantra
Also buy the shiva incense at the store.
Nag Champa wooks well too. Or sage.
For a devil you need a god or an angel
Om namah shivaya
Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
Try the shiva mantra
Shiva namah am tham nasi masi. Say it 100, 000 times.
Keep a friend arround when he visits.
As far as the empty look in his eyes. I think it is something satanic. Hes probably possessed. The shiva mantra works for that. Or St. Michael Prayer too. See if he'll say it with you. It will work even better. I'm sure he also feels like demons are trying to get at him.

The feeling you have and the blockage to your powers is most likely an attack from whatever is haunting him. Its a war for the souls of humanity they spare no prisoners, and show no mercy.

Be careful. A devil will try to trick you into blaming living people for the lies they speak to you in your mind. They love parinoia and false accusations. They love hate, anguish, fear, and fighting. Do not succumb to these. Watch out for your friend. If hes possessed he might. Dont have anything arround him that you fear to lose.

Love until death
Kill them with kindness
Turn the other cheek
As you judge so shall you be judged.
Safety First
2 heads are better than one. Keep a sober buddy arround. Trust me.
Love hope faith and joy

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