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My Spiritual Mission And Aura


Recently, I was lead to believe in a spiritual connection with our universe by my Homeopath.

So about 2 months ago, I embarked on my spiritual journey (actually it is kind of the second journey) and have continued until now by mostly looking through the Internet.

I started looking into the level of vibrations, other dimensions, DNA repairing, Frequencies, Healing music, ascension, cosmic consciousness, so on.

I started feeling I really wanted to find out all these things are real or not?, I impulsively made an inquiry to a crystal shop if I can see Psychic at the shop. I was mostly worried about my son who has autism and his future in this very confusing world. I wanted to inquire the psychic about my abilities to protect my son spiritually, financially.

I asked her firstly a really unimportant question to see her abilities and so that she cannot do any cold reading.

She asked me to pick 4 cards in the session and she spotted my hidden queries in my life. The another hidden query was changing my career in my this difficult time. I am a single mother who is caring my son with autism full time. I was considering becoming an allied health or a case coordinator by ditching my IT career.

She said I must help unfortunate people and counsel and heal them. She said I am a natural counselor and now I need to prioritize given works, missions and make an important decision. She said I have a strong energy and I am suitable for the job.

I have been always odd one and people often raise their eyebrows whenever I say or I do something. I have become very self-conscious and tried not to show my real feeling, real me to anyone because that often ends disaster. However, I have noticed I have some higher abilities in reading situations, people's emotions and I often solved complex problems. I have noticed these only recently. It was almost like I shined mostly in the hardest time of my life.

I asked her my aura color and she said that is white and purple around my head and green below.

She said I can Help people and that rewards me spiritually too. It was almost like x I need to spend some time with those people who need my help for my own well-being.

After seeing the psychic, I was still not 100% convinced. At home, I was questioning myself if there were any hints that she was trying to trick me in the session.

2 Days later, I strangely made an odd mistake in Dr appointment time and the mistake left me with 1 hour+ free time until the appointment. I just popped in another crystal shop and browsed things inside the shop. I just saw a sign says They take Aura photos.

The photo taken in the morning showed my Aura is purple with some white and yellow above the purple. I saw some small greenish dark blue next my face too. I was shocked... In my head, I was repeating "Is this a coincidence? Is my aura color is really purple? There is no such a thing like Aura. Then why those two people have almost identical opinions?

If the aura readings are true, other stuffs that I found on The Internet are true too? Am I going to help people? I am still confused.

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Jubeele (2 stories) (53 posts)
5 years ago (2018-02-23)
Hello from Australia, healingmama. I read your account with interest as a good friend of mine has recently mentioned that she "saw" my aura as a pure Royal Blue. This really surprised me as I never thought of myself as having an aura before.

Having purple in your aura is interesting. There are different shades of purple with different meanings. I've attached a link that hopefully can help you:

Your gift sounds similar to mine. You could have 'emotional empathy' and 'cognitive empathy', plus the ability to do mind healing. I tend to have complete strangers tell me their problems and then leave feeling better. But I do have to shield or I can feel completely drained by the end of the day.

If the advice given by the Psychic resonates with what you feel deep inside, then perhaps that is the path ahead for you. But it is your decision alone. You must listen to your heart and soul and mind. I've found that meditation helps bring my focus back to what is truly important to me. For others, going back to nature, walking along the beach or seeking the quiet of the garden helps.

You may not need to have a dramatic sea change to be a Healer. Often, we can help others by being careful to be kind, thoughtful or simply being there and willing to listen without judgement. I leave comments on this site whenever I feel a particular experience "speaks" to me and hope my words are of help and bring someone comfort.

If you would like a chat, my contact details are on my profile. All the best to you and your son. You are both very Special. 😊

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