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I Am Able To Get A Vague Overview Of One's Life


I'm a very young eclectic pagan, 14 to be exact, and despite my youth, I find that I have a very complex ability. If I make contact with someone or something and focus I can get a vague overview of the person's life.

I have no idea when I started doing this or when I gained the ability. All I know is that one day I knew that I could and how to do it.

It is kind of like the person's energy shows me a scene of the person's life. But, downside, it only works when I am making contact with the earth directly. I've done this at school plenty of times.

It kind of reminds me of Ansin (a word meaning "then" in Gaelic) from the show, "Wolfblood", where a wild wolfblood, a half-human half-wolf hybrid, can get a vague idea of an object or person/animal's history. Maybe I'm just crazy, but some have gotten emotional by this event. I talked about this one girl's brother leaving to go fight in the army and she actually had to go to the counselor's office everyone looked at me as if I was a supernatural being. It felt strange and embarrassing, to say the least. But yea, that was that.

I know that I am a psychic and have the gift of prophecy, but I have never found any documentation of a person being able to do this in the way I described other than in Wolfblood.

I would like to know if there are others with this ability. If you can also do this, please, please, please, contact me at or @rosy__boi on Instagram. I'd love to hear your experiences and your additional abilities!

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