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Gut Feelings And Dreams


I'm 16 years old. And I often get this tingly bad feeling throughout my whole body that something bad will happen and it ALWAYS does like for instance I'll get the bad feeling and the next thing you know Someone will fall down the school stairs and break something. My friends think that I'm crazy but not once has my feelings been wrong, or I have a feeling that something good will happen and all of a sudden 3 jobs are calling me back for an interview, even though I don't know what will happen until it actually happens I know something will and I can never just shake the feeling until it does. And for the dreams Once I had a dreamt that my bestfriends boyfriend would get out of jail, he had 8 months but "coincidentally." 3 days after that dream he got realesed on good behavior. But that's not it the craziest dream yet is when I dreamt I got shot 3 times but before the dream could play out I woke up to my phone ringing when I answered it was my brother calling me to tell me my sister got shot 7 (she survived) that same night. I don't have dreams that often but when I do most of them come true or atleast somewhat true. I try to keep it a secret from everyone because they laugh or make fun of me, don't think I'm serious, or just don't believe me when I really believe I'm actually just a little psychic, My gut feelings are normally minor things that will happen and I get them every other day but my dreams are major and happens every other month. As much as I've did research I can't find anyone that can relate to my gut feelings everything I've read the person already knows what's going to happen I don't, only with dreams which isn't so clear either. Please leave comments and tell me if you relate or what you think.

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Luna_the_Lonewolf (2 posts)
6 years ago (2018-05-11)
Hey, These things also happen with me. You're not crazy. I also have dreams that come true and gut feelings. I try not to tell people as well, but you're not alone.
KayT20 (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-04-28)
Hi My Name is Kiami. Lately I been having these dreams about my ex boyfriend. Ever since him and I broke up and he went to jail I just been having these about I don't whether to consider them good or bad. I still love him and everything haven't wrote him yet because I'm afraid he might not want to hear from me 😏 what you guys think?

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