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I have sight, and I'm an empath, recently have had new issue, I could use some advice on. I'm literally surrounded by dead packed in around me shoulder to shoulder like sardines. I feel heavy anger, pain, and chaos, when I allow them near me. What is this? I do have a sick family member? Is there any relevance? Recent trips to the hospital? Looking for bb advice on what is happening and how to handle. I usually have a hat man standing at a distance watching me he us not there anymore either, could this be relevant? There are thousands of them, with a lot if focus I can see faces. The heaviness and agony is undescribable. Like standing in a room full if people in pain. My best guess is they want me to cross them. But how did they all find me at once like that, THERE ARE SO MANY. This just popped up like this not a gradual collection, just popped up. Never seen or heard of anything like it. Could be it be black magic? Could someone have cursed me? I was just gifted an old deck of tarot cards could that be it? It makes absolutely no sense, I don't want to try dealing with it until I understand it better. I will just keep at a distance. Also this hatman had followed me for years and I've found so many variants of who and what he is. I would like more opinions, anytime he gets super close to me I get sick, nausea vomiting etc, so I don't let him near me. I've heard he feeds off a certain type of negativity, so would it be good for him to be there to take the negative? Or does he crate it to feed? And where in the hell did he go all the sudden?

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Theta_Cognita (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-03-16)
hi brittney, the dead surrounding you, do they seem of one stream of energy? That is to say if you opened yourself to seeing an aura do they share it or have seperate energy signatures or are they devoid of ki? Can't say I have ever encountered anything of the like.
cleanse the tarot cards with selenite crystals during a full moon.
And well the intresting part, the man in the hat.
I have many questions to ask, where as a friend and myself have both encoutered him in very different context, with different outcomes, but visually he was described the same by both of us, please msg me
cherib333 (1 stories) (1 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-24)
I had a similar man with a hat look over me. I felt it was a bad energy. I just call out every night, no bad energy welcome here please go to the light. Then prey to arch angel michael for protection at all 4 corners of my bed, witch I then see white shadows.
black_wolf95 (3 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
Hey Brittaniecarr,
Have you ever tried working with your own energy? What I'm trying to say is that we are capable of using our energies as means of defence from other energies that may try to affect us badly, they may not always be intentional, but it's better to be on the safe side, you are right on deciding to stay back until you know more. I'm not sure what could have caused all these spirits to be around you I guess they can just sense that you are more sensitive than others and are drawn to you, as for the hatman you should watch out for him he is up to no good and whatever he may be he does not wish you well.

When you have some free time try to work with your energy, start off by sitting down and focus on your breath, feel the energy spreading all over your body you may start to feel either warm or cold (I always feel a slight breeze) visualise your body being covered by a barrier which is of a sphere shape that is large enough to cover your whole body, while you do this command it with your mind to act as a "shield" that will protect you from the bad stuff.

Finally you can always create a few energy balls and command them to protect you from any energies that may try to harm you, hold out your hands in front of you and imagine a ball of energy forming in the centre of your hands it can be any size, but the size of a tennis ball should be good to get you started as a matter of fact try to make more than one and give each a specific command, who knows you may be able to see them straight away and if you don't then don't worry they are there, of course doing it just once is not enough all of this stuff will eventually deplete as the beings drain it so you should keep doing it, just as you clean yourself everyday.

If you have any more questions about anything that I have mentioned then feel free to email me. I hope this helps you.
Paris411 (12 posts)
6 years ago (2018-02-15)
The river of souls is the river styx. The hat man is the ferryman. Only heros cross the styx while they are alive. Read some greek mythology. That was the REAL religion for thousands of years.
Hey Zeus
I think not.

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