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Is It My Deceased Mother?


My mother recently died and since her death I believe I have been receiving communications from the other realm. I should preface this by saying that ever since I was a child I've had paranormal experiences. When I was 5 my parents woke up frantic in a campground in the middle of the woods (remote) and I was gone. It was the dog's barking that woke them and alerted them to my absence. They found me some time later wandering by a lake. I told them I was playing with a little girl. They later found out that a little girl around my age had died in the lake. There were other experiences as well. I used to have a spirit that would tell me things about people/events. It was very accurate and people started to come to me for information. I didn't like the attention, nor the weirdness of it, so I asked the spirit/entity/? To leave, and it did. That was almost 20 years ago. Since then I've had some paranormal experiences, generally involving seeing shadow people. Once I saw a very tall man in a hat in shadow form when I was staying at an old hotel. I told someone I worked with and they told me a child had died in the room next to ours, and then everyone at work started calling me "ghost girl". Anyway, I call that entity "hat man" and I can tell you he was terrifying. Other than that I occasionally see shadow figures. I just ignore it. It's not relevant and my sense is that the more attention I pay to that stuff the more I will be involved in it, so I just ignore it. I haven't heard voices in 20 years and now I just see the occasional shadow figure. In November 2017 my mother died. It was a very sudden death, and she was only 60 when she passed. It was definitely not expected. On the night of her passing I woke up at around 4am because I heard someone talking in my children's rooms. It was loud talking, but I couldn't make out the words. So, I got up, fully expecting to find my children talking. Instead it was totally empty. I went back to bed, then I heard a bang, then more talking. I woke up my partner and made him walk through the house with me to see if there was maybe someone downstairs. There wasn't. So, we went back to bed. Then, I started hearing whispering, close to me, like outside my window. It went on for a very long time. At one point I was worried that maybe a small child had escaped into the street and was yammering outside my window, because the voice sounded childish. I decided not to investigate because I couldn't wake my partner again and realized that we would likely find nothing again. Eventually I fell asleep with the whispering still happening. I woke up very early, at around 6:20am, and saw that I had a missed call from my dad from 5 minutes before. I called him back and he told me my mom had died in the night from a massive heart attack. In the week following her death I felt the feeling of death all around me, that energy, it's hard to explain. But, I didn't hear any voices or see any shadows. A couple of weeks after my mom's death I woke up in the middle of the night to hear crying. It sounded like the crying of a child. It was quite disturbing and I thought it was my mom crying because I was angry with her for dying. Months have now passed, and I didn't hear any crying or anything else during the night or at all, so all seemed to be back to normal. Until last night I woke up again to hear the crying, which again sounded like a young child or perhaps even an injured cat. I scanned my brain to think of where this crying could be coming from. I live in a townhouse and the lady next to me is very old and doesn't have any young children, and there's no one on the other side of us. The nearest neighbor on the non-attached side is an elderly couple without children. Across from us is a park. Where would this crying be coming from? I worry that it's my poor mother. We had a difficult relationship and we were in a fight when she died. She had many faults as a parent, and did some terrible things when I was younger, which she admitted and felt guilty for. Still, I hope that she isn't stuck around me because she can't let go. I want her to let go, and move on. She should explore outerspace or something (?), now that she's not weighed down by a body. Anyway, I guess I'm hoping that people can answer a) is it the spirit of my mother? B) how do I help her to move on? C) anything else I should consider. Thank you.

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