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Telepathically Receiving My Mothers Thoughts/sentenses


The past 2 in a half years I have & am becoming more spiritually awakened every single day. Each day I receive some type of message or sign from the universe or God. Usually the Law of Attraction is the most common & easiest gift to receive. It was one of the first things I began to understand and realized how real this spiritualism gets for us humans.

When this began happening to me I was heading downhill emotionally and I felt like my life was going to be a crazy roller coaster. I was beginning to search for deeper meaning in life and I had began completely changing the way I view people (my old friends and family).

Over 2 whole years have gone by since this began happening to me and I began to really get a grip on reality once again.

Now that I spend time in deep thought by myself, ALL THE TIME, I notice how intuitive I actually am and realized my potential of what I can be or in better words, what I am capable of doing in this world.

I love recording my days by writing in my Detroit Tigers journal and one day in particular... On April 4th, 2016. I wrote about when I was in the backyard while my parents were inside our house. I began getting these random words that seemed to be flooding my mind, except they were almost complete conversations that were going on between both my parents (I assume).

They were mentioning how hard I was working out in the yard and I went inside to try and confirm these thoughts and before I began asking what they have been discussing with each other, they begun telling me almost exactly what I was signaling in my own mind from outside the house.

I do not have a photographic memory, but I got the general idea what they were talking about amongst themselves about my hard work ethic, without remembering the full sentences that were flooding my own mind.

I have been studied by doctors to check for countless mental illnesses that I might be facing (schizophrenia is the main disorder I would be concerned about), but the docs tell me I don't seem to have anything wrong with me other than anxiety, some even have told me that I am smarter than most doctors that work in their facility.

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Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-23)
Hello again:)

It is true that humans are capable of a lot more than they realize. It is sad how majority has disconnected from that side of theirs, and have succumbed themselves to such a shallow and typical lifestyle.

This reminded me a lot of myself, when I begun realizing my own potential. I would get frustrated, excited, happy, sad, angry, even doubt my own sanity and experiences. I would feel really alone and lost,too. Thankfully, time and experiences made me wiser and I must admit my faith in God and my potential helped me through it all:)

I hope, that you, as well, will find your way and live your purpose to its fullest, bringing light and awareness upon this world:)

I am always open to deep and meaningful conversations, so if you ever feel like discussing or sharing more, feel free to contact me. I have my email up on my profile:)

Talk soon

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