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Awakening Fears And Excitement


As a young child between 3-7yrs I have experienced several things that I could not understand and was shunned for mentioning. Seeing bright colors moving around my line of sight, experiencing levitation, seeing spirits, and just knowing things before they happen. After age 7 I lost all these things until my teenage years where I would see things being moved by themselves or smelling dead animal or rotting meat where there was no explanation I also came into contact with a few figures that I will not get into. These events also stopped after a few years.

Now 9 years later It has started again as an adult. For the longest time I tried to ignore, dismiss and forget these events but I can no longer ignore what is going on as the experiences keep growing in number. The most recent has been information given to me through meditation. I was told about places and shown events that I looked up immediately after I was done and found to be true and actual places. Things have been thrown around my house mostly Items that have meaning to my wife and I. Further more I have notice thoughts will come to me and events will happen around it. I got angry at a person who cut me off and thought about him blowing out his tire and it happened or thought about a person receiving punishment for insulting my mother and there finger getting chopped off and many other events lots more good than bad and now try to minimize my thought of retaliation and anything bad really.

I am completely lost as to control or understand these things and need some helping advice as to what to do. I have taken to meditation as a mean to figure things out but only get more questions.

I do have very strong gut feelings that I follow no matter what and this seems to help. How can I begin to focus these gifts?

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lauterb (110 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-31)
Dear Seeker9

You are just a medium starting a long journey of hard work and dedication!

First dedication you have is to study about to understand a bigger picture from your life and life meaning.

Second dedication is to help others do charity through your mediumship

Third dedication is to your self-improvement.

There are 2 books from 5 that you need to study, pse note I wrote study, not only read.


This will help with all your questions and others that will appear in the future.

Good study!
Luna_star1016 (33 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-23)
Hello Seeker9 I must say I hav expirence the same things as a child. Seeing things and having no one believe you or getting in trouble by mentioning it. It is very frustrating.

Now I agree with Gabbie that you are going through a phase of spiritual awakening. The reason I'd say for your spiritual gifts to be awaken at a young age is most people are spiritually awaken at youth as we are still connected to our true selfs. Our physical and spiritual world is more connected. As we grow and throw the balance of and focus more on our human life may things are lost. Now that things are comming back you must learn to control yourself.

Things happening around you can be the result of a negative being, being around you or even attached to you. Causing you to think negatively. Know that demons or negative beings feed of people's negative energy and fear.

The thoughts you have been having are concerning, we must never bring harm to others and not being in control when it comes to our own thoughts is scary. In this world people hold light inside of them but also a darkness they have built up. That darkness sometimes takes a hold of our thoughts. Makes us think negatively or so on. It feeds of the negativity you give out as well and will become darker.

Taking a look at your energy there seems to be some spots on your arms for head and chest area where the energy is very intense almost as a mark (negative) this can also be the result of having things happen and being manipulated and being scared.

It's important to stay cleansed and protected. Do you know how to cleanse and protect yourself?

I could help you out. If you'd like to speak more in depth and not in public you can email me. My email is in my profile 😊 Hope to hear from you soon.

Hope love and faith
~Luna star☆
Gabbie (55 posts)
8 years ago (2016-05-23)
Hello Seeker9, and thank you for sharing your story.

Not being able to control anything in life, is, indeed, quite nerve-wracking and exhausting. Not to mention, the terror of its effects, on others and us, as well.

I can imagine how your life must have been like, as i, myself, has always been experiencing events connected to the spiritual.

First of, I would like to know more about the "figures" you got in contact with. If you feel uncomfortable over talking about it in public, do not hesitate to email me. I have my email adress up in my profile.

The way all these events and information are coming to you, indicate, that you are currently undergoing a spiritual awakening, which leads to energy translating itself, into pictures, feelings etc.

About the things being thrown off inside your house, and those happenings that occured with the people you bore negative emotions towards, there are a lot of things that could be happening. Either there is some entity (maybe those you met a few years back) using you, making you feel like you are causing those things, and also trying to implant fear in you, by creating incidents inside your house, or, your own energy is being manifested in a way where it has an effect on objects and on those people's lives. Or maybe it is both. A lot of times, demonic entities, once attached, they hardly leave. They might make their presence less visible to make one feel "safe", but stil make themselves known through actions. The way they make you feel anger, fear, and other negative emotions, the way they create negative situations around you, the way they plan things around you in such a way to make you think certain thoughts and reach certain realizations, are some of the ways they do so.

In general, there is a lot concerning the spiritual, that not everyone is aware of, such as the co existence of darkness and light and their effects and role in our every day life, the way things are, and the way we see and understand them. Upon this Earth, both good and bad resides, and both make themselves known to us, since the way we are born. Who we become and what our life turns out to be, comes down to which side we choose to follow each time.

What other experiences have you had that you can share, that can help with understanding your situation more? What else info could you give away?
Feel free to contact me whenever.

Talk soon

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