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Premonition Dreams Of Haunted Houses That Come True


Many years ago, when I was a child, I had a dream of a place I had never been to. I was playing in the garden of a house. A few years later, my aunt moved into a new house and when I went into the garden, it was the exact same garden of my dream. That house was haunted by the spirit of a little girl who died in the house. I used to house sit for my aunt and I remember feeling terrified of certain parts of the house and a general feeling of being uncomfortable in that house.

Today I went to clean a house (I am a house cleaner) and as soon as I stepped into this house I remembered it from a dream I had years ago, specifically the living room. In my dream, this house was dark and haunted by ghosts. The house is only twelve years old, so I know that I had not been to this house in the past, in fact, I had the dream before the house was built! What does this mean? Do I dream of houses I have not been to before that are haunted? Why would that happen? I am always dreaming of houses I haven't been to and people I haven't met. Some are recurring dreams of the same house, yet I have never been there.

I also have another situation. Someone close to me died by his own hand a couple of years ago. He always saw the numbers 7 11 and I began to see it too. He died on the 7/11/2011. I still see the numbers, in fact, I just saw the date on the computer that reads 19/11 (1900 is 7pm in 24 hr time). These numbers have been popping up everywhere for me the past few weeks, being that we just passed the second anniversary of his death.

If someone could shed some light on either of these situations, I would be very grateful. If it helps to know, I was an indigo child and am now a lightworker. Premonition seems to run in my family on my mother's side, a lot of my aunties experience them but only one experiences them whilst awake.

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kaimonora (2 stories) (15 posts)
8 years ago (2014-06-17)
I had something like that happen to me perhaps coincidence or not who knows I had a dream I was dancing with this girl and a few months later I was at a dance with her dancing lol, also had a dream about a hose I've never seen the dream was I was robbing it for some reason a week or 2 later I saw the house when I went out of state

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