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Voices, Visions And The Unknown


It all started when I was little. I lived in a very old house in England and when I would sleep, someone would take me from my bed (not physically) and lead me to the edge of the river in my backyard and show me bodies of people of every age in old period clothing floating down the river. All of them would be looking at me like they needed help. I recently connected this to the plague, but at the age I was, there would have been no way for me to know about it. I didn't even understand what death was. The house was haunted, but that's another story. I moved back to the US when I turned 6 and that's when the voices started. Every now and then they would wake me from my sleep at 6 am, mimicking everyone's voices in the house, and would tauntingly be calling my name over and over. Whatever it was felt really dark. I would ask it to stop and of course it wouldn't so I would hide under my covers until I fell back asleep. Things got better when I got my dog. She would guard me until I fell asleep and would spend the rest of the night patrolling the house. The night after tragedy took her from me I saw her in my hallway and felt her following me around for a while. My dad got a new dog and he would see her and was completely frightened. Now that I'm older I automatically know if someone has good intentions or not without even speaking a word to them. Before my sister got pregnant, I had a vision of a baby girl and that's what she had. Another time at a gas station, I had a vision of a very bad man in the backseat of mine and my boyfriends car only to be approached by that man seconds later asking for a ride. I feel other people's emotions. Specifically my boyfriends. When he is mad, even if he is miles away, I get the symptoms of me being mad and I get so overwhelmed that its hard to stand. Sometimes I get horrible anxiety with no cause, like something is trying to contact me or telling me something bad is about to happen. Every time I'm in the vicinity of a psychic, I'm always approached with them telling me that I have strong psychic abilities, I just don't know how to use them yet. I've been extremely confused for years. Am I just crazy? Any help would be great. Thanks.

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MsMaggie (1 stories) (2 posts)
11 years ago (2013-12-17)
When I was younger I could see auras around everyone. I can still do it now but only if I concentrate. Any guidance or reassurance would be appreciated.

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