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Confused, Scared, Insight, Anyone?


My name is Sydney and I am a younger teenage girl.

I never thought I had any physic or medium abilities until we moved to our current house last year. Well, actually never mind. Let me start out with my earlier memories. I shall also tell you some other stuff.

One day I was riding the bus home from school. At that time I had a small tank with a few baby goldfish. I had a thought where I felt like everyone of the fish died. Turns out, when I got home, they were all dead.

I have had dreams where I will be doing an unimportant activity. A couple days later I will find myself doing the same activity.

I can here footsteps. I can hear people walking on carpet.

If I listen to conversations, I can sometimes tell what people are going to say. Like odd stuff I shouldn't be able to guess.

When the phone rings sometimes I can tell who it's going to be, when I am not waiting for a call or anything.

I also have a very, very strong connection with animals. Animals have always been drawn to me, and I have always been drawn to them. I can sometimes feel their emotions, like an empath.

When I walk into a house I can feel energies of people.

Just lots of stuff like that. It's been going on a lot more this past year. Anyways, to the house.

We moved to this house about a year ago. It was built in the 50's. The original house was built in the late 1800's. It burnt down at some point. I didn't learn this until after I smelled smoke quite a bit. No one in the family smokes, and it smelled like burning wood, anyways. I don't know if anyone died or was injured in the fire.

In this house I can feel a presence. It's a male, and he has been bugging me a lot. He first started last year. I did not have a boyfriend then. (I do now) He likes to watch me in my room. My room is the only room I feel him in. I can also smell his aftershave or whatever. He will sometimes sit on my bed. I can feel the pressure of him on my bed. I feel him watching me. He seemed peaceful and harmless enough. This went on for a couple weeks straight. Never did I engage in any contact. I wasn't sure what to do, and I was afraid.

Fast forward to now. I have a boyfriend. I think this spirit is jealous of him. The other morning I was laying in bed thinking of him. All of a sudden I could feel the spirit is back. Watching me. He is angry. He started sending me bad thoughts and day dreams about my boyfriend being dead. The bed got really hot. I can tell he is jealous and angry at my boyfriend. He lives across the state, and for once, that's a good thing, I am worried that this male spirit would try and hurt him. I have yet to tell him what is going on, but I am planning on it in the morning.

I have heard that spirits get energy from running water. I have four fish tanks in my bedroom, 6 total in the house. All of them have moving water. Could this explain why he is so strong?

Tonight, I heard my name being called over and over. It was like he was talking through the water, and it was really creepy. After about 30 seconds of this, it stopped, but even now, I still feel him watching me.

If anyone could tell me what I may be, and what this spirit wants, please, please do. I have not told my parents yet, just one friend who is similar to me. I really need some help. Are there any other people who I can email or something? I would like to strengthen my abilities (if I even have any) and know how to use them safely.

Thank you,



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AmandaLinette (guest)
10 years ago (2014-02-15)

It sounds like you definitely have abilities and the Spirits who are trying to connect with you could want any number of things.

I think the best thing you can do here is create some boundaries. Here's a few posts to help you do that:


With much love,

allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
Wow that was interesting:) A Spirit that is good and well-intended towards you can hear your mental questions, and it will find ways to communicate the answer. Negative or tricky entities on the other hand do not have the same access to your inner world and mind.

Even if the Spirit is angry, it doesn't mean he wishes something bad against your boyfriend. He is likely upset over his own relationship (and perhaps his death) & maybe fears for your boyfriend (he could be reliving the emotions of his own tragedy through the 2 of you). It's also possible that he tries to warn you of something, so his anger could be something else. Maybe his Spirit is stuck for whatever reason and can't move on.: (So far he sounds friendly enough.

As for how do you know you're not making it up? Can't help you there... 😉 Always remember that you are 100% free and it's your choice if you wish to feel a presence or communicate with it. If it bothers you, simply ignore the presence and tell yourself (and it) that you wish to be left alone at this time. The spirit can't hurt you or your bf. It doesn't have power to act in our world. There are exceptions but this doesn't sound like one of them.:)
_scotty_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
Well he finally came through (I think).

I was laying in bed, trying to go to sleep. I was trying to clear my mind so I could talk to him, but I couldn't. All of a sudden, there was a REALLY lound BANG in my head, and my ears started ringing. I started seeing pictures of a man. He was laughing, smiling, having fun with his friends. Then all of a sudden I saw a 'movie clip' of the man, and he was kissing a woman. Then she stabbed him, and he died. I feel so sad, watching his death. He then showed me pictures of her going to prison, and an older lady (in her 60's) in prison clothes, in handcuffs. So she's still alive. Then the ringing stopped, the pictures stopped, the crazy feeling in my gut stopped, and his presence was gone. I bet that took quite a lot of energy, so I won't expect him for awhile.
_scotty_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-18)
Hi there. No he has not been over yet this summer, but he wants to come visit, and I am excited for that, but what if the spirit IS jealous? We've known each other all our lives.

I went down into the basement (where my room is) to take a nap, and I could feel him there again. Then my cat ran in the room and he (the spirit) left. But I still acknowledged him and said hello. I put out a pen and piece of paper and told him he can write something on there if he wanted, and also said he can try and talk to me in a dream or something if he wanted. Didn't get anything.

But tonight I will try and ask him some more questions in my head. How do I know that I am not making them up myself? I KNOW that he's there, I can feel him. He'll even come and sit on my bed. Usually he sits on my chair in there.
allinbetween (56 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Has your boyfriend been in that room or house with you? You said he lives across the state. Is it a long-distance relationship or have you met in person? I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that the Spirit is jealous. Spirits can do lots of things like write on paper. I would start by questioning it mentally, to see how it responds to thought-reading.
If it can write, it means it has power to act in a different dimension. Then this wouldn't be a regular ghost that haunts.
_scotty_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Okay. I will try that. I was also wondering, can spirits write on paper? He seems to be around at night and morning. In case I don't get an answer, could I write a question on a paper, leave it out with a pen, and see what happens?
yval711 (5 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
The next time you sense that he's nearby, ask him a question. It can be either out loud or in your head. You may not get an obvious response but pay attention to your thoughts and gut feelings you get after you ask the question because it may be the spirit's way of answering you.
_scotty_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Oh, I should add, one time I was showering, and when I got out, someone had freshly written the number 7 in the fog on the mirror.

I have also been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.
_scotty_ (1 stories) (5 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
Hi yval, thanks so much for answering. I have not yet tried to contact this man, but I am tempted to. How should I go about it?
yval711 (5 stories) (35 posts)
11 years ago (2013-07-17)
It sounds to me like you have multiple psychic abilities. You have had premonitions and the way you described knowing certain things based on little to no prior information, you may have the ability of claircognizance which means clear knowing. You may also be a medium. Have you ever tried to communicate with this male spirit? It is possible that he is trying to send you a message but it is hard to say for sure without more details. I can also help you strengthen your abilities if you would like. Feel free to email me, my email address is on my profile.

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