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Very Scared -- Voodoo Spell


Last night as I was sleeping, I felt something near me so I woke from my sleep but did not open my eyes - shadows were moving around me, then a warm light lite my room up - I heard chanting then while laying on my side I felt some behind me - then a wave of energy moved like a tidal wave through out my body up and down then down and up for approximately 10 seconds. I did not move. I did not wake up -- it stopped, the chanting ended and the light went out -- everything was back to normal. I opened my eyes and knew that I was not dreaming.

Now what I didn't tell you is I have been experiencing heart ache from my husband for many years of cheating. Other than cheating he is a perfect husband. So while on a project in NOLA, I contacted a voodoo priestess to cast a spell to return his attentions just to me and to stop him from cheating. I was asked to send pictures of us and our birth dates.

My question is -- did I do something wrong? Am I now going to be haunted? I am able to see spirits and have had many other experiences but I never messed with voodoo. I have heard spiritual voices, I have seen spiritual being and I have been psychically attacked by spirits in the past. All of these things happened while living in Northern California. This is a very frightening experience, because in my past I have never messed with voodoo or used any spiritual boards, tarot cards or spells.

Help me understand what happened. I am afraid and I do not want to have opened something that could affect my family. I just wanted to save my marriage and praying to God for over 5 years never stopped anything.

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