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Confused About My Psychic Awareness, Help?


I'm writing my story in need of advice, or clarification on if what I experience means anything. If you guys have experienced any of these things please leave a comment I'm interested in anything you have to say.

My experiences started when I was very young. At about the age 3-6 my family always tells me how I was very quiet and wouldn't talk to anybody but myself and my imaginary friends. Now as a kid, this is normal to have imaginary friends, but I just feel like it's more than that. My grandmother tells me I was "speaking with my eyes" because I wouldn't talk to anyone, including them. I would look around the room pointing at things constantly at the walls, ceilings, etc. At one point, almost every night I would stand in the middle of the staircase or just sit there in the dark doing nothing. Of course my mom would hear me walking and would make me sleep with her. I had this nightmare I still remember to this day where I was in my playroom, laying on the couch and see this black figure hovering over me very slowly, while everything around me is moving fast, and I was unable to move. Recently, my aunt and I have been talking about my old house where all of This took place, when she brought up that playroom and said every time she was in there she got goosebumps and really bad vibes! I then told her about my dream but it's shocking putting 2 and 2 together.

Now this experience is something I know has to be a psychic experience.

I had a dream that my ex (who was my current boyfriend at the time) and I were in a movie theater by ourselves, nobody else in the theater. It was completely dark but one door was held open with just pure white light coming through, lighting up the whole room, no movie was playing. Everything was fine at first, we were having a good time. All of a sudden we started arguing getting more and more intense, as that was happening the door starts to close! When it shuts, its completely dark and I woke up. TELL ME WHY LATER ON THAT DAY WE ENDED UP BREAKING UP.

I'm a young teenager right now and I'm into all of this Psychic Awareness, spiritual growth, etc. I'm starting to see my own aura or at least just a halo like figure over my hands when I stare at them for a while with a tinge of colors. I hear my name being called at times when no one's home. I feel things that I can't see. And is it weird I'm so VERY attracted to the night sky? I feel sort of a sad, homesick feeling looking at the stars.

I also see repeating numbers constantly so many times a day. I see the number 1242 constantly and I don't know what it means.

I know I'm just throwing things at you guys, I've just been having this feeling there's something more to it all. If you have any experiences like mine and know what it is, please leave comment! I'm desperate to understand why and what I can do to evolve. Thank you! 💖

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Mansi (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-08-18)
Even I feel this tinge of colours and loving the night sky and the whole para you wrote. Looks like someone understands.
Squirrelrunner (1 posts)
5 years ago (2019-01-15)
It's scary and confusing when no one seems to understand or laughs and says your crazy or foolish. Please Know that you're not alone and you CAN CALM yourself and slow things down. Nature is your go to space to ground, focus and calm down. When a vison or feeling becomes scary or overwhelming, "Claim your place" and tell it to go away. Learn to protect yourself from the energies around you. Crystals are wonderful tools to help balance and protect. Please try not to take on everything you feel and see. Know that there's many that walk this path. Sending Strength and much Love & Light, ~Brightest Blessings~
IAmBeauty (1 posts)
5 years ago (2018-12-28)
I am too new to this awakening stuff. My memory has always been, even Still now at 20. I'Ve always been perceived as quiet and weird. I can sense people's energy without them even saying anything. I haven't had any physical spiritual activity but I feel It within the depths of my soul. You are on the right path and things will get better the more knowledge you gain. Continue sharing please

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