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Have You Experienced This With Spirits?


Since I was very little I always belived in spirits but I never seen them; I have seen thier auras. Its like a aura but white and they made a shape of a human or animal. But now at the age of fourteen I see them easily and still see thier aura. I just want to know if anyone experienced the same things as me. And if anyone can tell me what thier porpoise was.

1- S ince I was four I remember hearing the cabinets open and close once I seen a cabinet open and close by itself

2- The first time I seen a ghost or something people that seen them called thiem the men in black I was around seven I remember thier being two men dressed in black wearing suites hats I believe thier called top hats (the one Abraham Lincoln used but shorter) they had glasses and no eyebrows and disappeared within two seconds. About a month ago my sister was watching a documentary about aliens and they described the men exactly as those two men I saw and it gave me the goosebumps

3- When my sister was droped off at her friends housemy mom walked her in and I stayed in the car and about five minutes latter I got dizzy and my head was a blurr then an agaggressive ringing in my ears started. Around thirty seconds latter I felt to look out the window when I did this old man was starring at me and he disappeared

4- I was about to cook dinner so I whent to the bathroom to wash my hands and the faucet turned on by itself I ran out then walked back in and th faucet was off

5- This is one thing that makes me shake evry time I thing about it I was little watching starwars with my cousins and they talked about bloody marry this is the first time I heard of her so I tried the ritual two days after that night and the ritual whent something like spin around three times, turn on and off the lights three times, blink three times, turn on and off the faucet three times, say her name three times, and pick your bloody nose three times so knowing the chances of a nose bleed where very very very slim so I did the ritual when I got to her names three times the room got darker and darker each time I said her name by the third time I said the name I got a nosebleed and the lights flickered so I did what any sain person would do and that was to run outof thier

6- This happened three days ago I woke up and remained in bed thinking and something grabbed my neck it felt like the pointer and middle finger on one side and on the other is the thumb the grip got tighter and tighter I said "let go" it kept getting tighter then I said "let go of me you..." when I got to you it let go andi got up and walked out

7- The house across the road contains over twenty spirits easily their are indians to guerrillas to people ftom the sixty's and some come over here like an invisible dog growling to cat on our yard disappearing to reappearing and pictures of ghosts in our house from ghosts in the house across the street

So if anyone had any of thies experiences please comment or if someone knows what thies are about comment to it will be greatly appreciated

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-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-17)
Thank you for the post it might sound weird but I actually enjoy thier company but of course thier are some negative spirits but I like to hang out with and when I do they become more and more positive spirits but how do you cross them over they usually act like hell no because they are scared
Camille_B (1 stories) (2 posts)
9 years ago (2015-02-17)
I would reccomend that you use your gift of seeing spirit to help them cross over... But if you want to do this have protection from your angels and spirit guides... If you don't want to see them try to block out spirituallity. Hope this helps
-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-01-06)
Thanks for the post I appreciate it 😊 I where a crystal that wards of negative energy and about telekinesis don't depend on it I heard its not you that move the object its a spirit and if you still feel the tapping on your sholder say leave me alone now I'm not in the mood
Enceladus (guest)
9 years ago (2015-01-06)
I had experienced quite a number of odd things inside and outside of my house. When I was little, I would always hear the faucet in the kitchen go on and off. When the neighborhood is empty with only me outside, I always feel presences everywhere, but I always thought it was just me being paranoid until now. Recently, I have been seeing objects move in my peripheral vision. I don't really know if it is a spirit, or I am doing telekinesis unintentionally.

I have seen lights move from the corner of my eye. I even saw a shadow that gave me an uncomfortable feeling. It simply looked like a mist of black. I had been tapped on my shoulder before, and I know it was not a prank. One time in second grade, I was busy on a worksheet my teacher had given all of us. I sat way in the back all alone out of reach from others. Suddenly, there was a hard tap on my shoulder, but when I turned around, there was not a single person nearby.

My experiences may not be exactly like yours, but they are close. I would avoid any rituals, especially those dealing with the famous Bloody Mary. I had met many classmates that had done one of these, and it frightens them A LOT. I even know of this boy who doesn't get scared very easily, but after he did this, he got spooked. I know if they are telling a lie if I get a feeling, but I didn't.

I think you should learn to protect yourself if you haven't. That is like the top three rules if you are underdeveloped. I imagine a golden sphere around me and imagine the negative energy just bounce right off. Grounding is important as well. There are numerous methods out there! I like to just walk barefoot outside as it works as well. I'll try to share more information that might help you! 😁

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