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I don't know how to start this I was going to say HEY YALL but it said it's bad form, okay so I would like to say why I'm writing this some people might want to post a short experience or can't wait for the "Submit Your Story" button to become available or whatever (Sorry Brainfart) or if you have a question like why is this or what is this. Okay so I have enough characters for this to be published ill tell you guys examples of what I mean


I was singing and my sister says I suck at it so she videotaped me (I can't show you the video and that's good for you guys i. Sound like a dying whale) and this orb was floating around me

I was around eight years old and at school I told them I seen this girl (I forgot the name so let's call her A) and the school guidance councilor came to get me and talk. So I talked she asked me if A tells me to hurt myself. I laughed my butt off cause she was so sweet and we where like white on rice (not yellow rice). And the guidence councilor (lets call her GC) ask me more questions I answered. So I can tell this spirit named (lets say B) B says (not appropriate phrase) he tells me to repeat after him so I did and the GC cried cause she knew who B was

So you post your expenses


Q: What is a polterguyst (Sorry if not spelt correctly)

A: A spirit usually created by depressed teen girls but caused by depression

Q: What does aura mean

A: the energy you emit by the way you act (mine is quoted from a friend "BRIGHT Red" so I make friends easily

So you ask a question and me or other will try to respond

KINISES (forgot the name)

Thier are many types like pyro, tele, hydro ect. Thies are mainly formed with meditation

You can share what you have if you have one or more or share what you know about it


Well the title explains it

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