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My Abilitie Q's


Thanks to all of the people reading this I would really appreciate it if you can help me out by answering a few questions. Okay to start off sorry for misspelling I have fat fingers and a small smartphone with a lot or cracks everywhere. Anyhow let get started.

A few thing about me I believe I have the ability to influence fire and smoke with plants and earth (only thing I can think of), my aura color is 'bright red' (when mad it is maroon), and I believe my spirit guid is a bear. Allright now that you know a little bit about me here are my questions.

1- Would my ability to influence fire correspond with my red aura I mean what would you think of (fire,water,air,or earth) when you hear or imagine RED

2- Similar to question one would my ability of earth come from my spirit guide I have bear which is an earth elemental

3- If I try something like trying to teleport or areokinisis etc. I heard it is easier to do it while angry so I tried but I calm down I try while I'm anxious, sad, or even when I'm just fine (happy) and I still calm down no matter what I calm down my heart rate slows and my muscles relax. Along with calming down I get a headache why is that

4- I am able to see spirits and communicate with them and if I think about a spirit it seems like I can summon them. Is it possible to summon a spirit

5- When I can tell something is going to happen how do I just know it. Its like I can tell something is going to happen but how do I know its going to happen

Okay thank you guys and girls for reading this I really appreciate it. Sorry if it seems like I'm complaining or something like that if it is sorry. Anyways please no religious comments let people be titled to thier own religion and beliefs.

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-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-19)
Thank you guys for posting I would have answered sooner but I lost my phone four days ago 😲 thanks again I was really confused.
Madara (guest)
8 years ago (2015-03-19)
1.The aura usually represents a person's character, it doesn't have much to do with powers, maybe indigo/crystal/etc have a tendency to certain ones but not elementals like pyrokinesis. Most people are born with an element,yes,and have a natural affinity to one or two different from their own.
2. Yes I do believe your power over the earth is connected with your spirit guide
3. Any strong emotion strengthens one's power. Not just anger.
4. Many people usually summon spirit by Ouija boards or similar items and "invite" demons in because they are foolish and inexperienced. To call out a particular spirit takes a lot of practice and concentration if you're not a natural at doing it. It is possible,it's what mediums do, but be always careful when summoning entities
5.It's just premotions, nothing to worry about. You just know what a person's going to say or do right before they do it right? It's simular to precognition but you're awake while it happens

You have some very interesting abilities,don't give them away, train and master them. Research as much as you can about them either in books or over the net.
RebelTweenOsiria (1 stories) (12 posts)
8 years ago (2015-03-16)
I have some of those abilities too,
1.I have a tiny bit of fire abilities, I can bend fire, and I can shrink fire too.
2.i get headaches too, like, all the time, and yes when I'm calm or sad or practically any emotion I make the wind move, I think it's a curse.
3.yes it's possible to summon spirits, and I can see them too, I can see ghosts, but I have never been able to communicate with one.
4.i have that thing too, I know when something is going to happen, so don't be afraid, you can change the future with that gift/curse.

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