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Am I Psychic, Is He, Or Is It Coincidence?


I am going to try to make this as brief as possible. About five years ago I began seeing a man on a professional level. He was married, and I was married. Recently he became divorced and about six months after that I became divorced. He had an unfaithful wife and my ex husband is an alcoholic. From day one this person and I had the best conversations. They just flowed. We get each other, or I am thinking we read each other or something. One day I thought I sensed he may like me, and realized I definitely liked him. I sensed he was trying to tell me without telling me. Until I stop seeing him on a professional level he can never tell me. I can't bare to take that chance if he doesn't feel the same way. In a weak moment I confessed my "crush". Of course he could not respond. When I see him sometimes other people are around and when I am lucky we get a few minutes alone. Anyways, shortly after my silly confession he told me he was studying body language, and it was very interesting. I felt like he was saying I want to speak to you through my body language. So you should study it too. He then started displaying subtle flirty body language signs, or I now I knew how to read them because I read a lot about body language, of course. He looked at me one day from across the room while he was with another client. He kept looking until I looked at him. We smiled at each other. He then went back about his business. He then introduced me to this person, saying "this is my favorite client." Now he is displaying most of the flirty body language signs. He makes eye contact when speaking to me, he treats me a bit differently then everyone else, he is very attentive when we speak, he remembers the details. The only one he had not displayed was breaking the touch barrier. So, I think to myself, (I had a cut on my hand) if he touches me and asks what happened here I will have my answer if he likes me or not. He did exactly that he picked up my hand gently rubbed his fingers across my wrist and said, "what happened here". Ok so is he reading my mind? Am I transferring my thoughts, is it a coincidence, or do I want him so much I am being silly?

I forgot to mention I am very good at reading people's character traits. I have been doing this since I was a small child. I cannot read minds, or can I? I know on first impression if a person is honest, trustworthy, and generally if they are good or bad. I try not to be judgmental, but I haven't been wrong yet. I know right away if I like someone or not. What exactly do you call this, if anything?

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