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Why Am I Causing Nosebleeds In Others?


I am writing here in the hopes that someone can offer clarification to a new "ability" or side-effect to my psychic nature. All the women in my family for 5 generations have had some level of psychic tendencies, including myself. I am comfortable with many abilities that have been a part of me since birth, including knowing about events that occurred in the past at a location I have never been to before, sensing and seeing spirits, meeting people in my dreams years before I meet them in real life, and having heightened intuition before tragic events happen to my family. But in the last year, a strange physical phenomenon began to occur in my relationship that frightens me. My presence seemed to cause my boyfriend to get frequent nosebleeds, and i'm curious as to why.

To offer background knowledge, this was not my first serious or long term relationship, and my boyfriend had never once gotten a nosebleed before we met. The first nosebleed occurred the first time we ever had a physical connection. While kissing me, he began to get the worst and bloodiest nosebleed I have ever seen in my life. I am talking pints of blood, and it was very scary for the both of us. For the next year, he would get anywhere from 1 to 4 minor nosebleeds every week. They would happen at various times in the day, and never during the same activity (i.e. Sometimes we would be out to eat, other times in the middle of the night, etc.). The only connection was that I was within a few feet of him every time. He actually went to the doctor and underwent many tests to see if there was a reasonable explanation, and every test came back clear.

The last nosebleed was on the day that I left him. Just like the first nosebleed, this one was pints of blood and ruined a shirt and a towel. The first and last time we were together he bled incessantly. After months of being apart, I contacted him, and it turns out he has never had a nosebleed since we broke up.

Does anyone know if there is history about this? I have never had this happen in any other relationship. The only thing I have ever seen similar to my story would be in American Horror Story Coven, where a character discovers she's a witch by making her boyfriend bleed to death when they have intercourse. Obviously I am looking for a more factual explanation than this. Is this something I can expect in my future relationships, or do you think this was a strange situation between me and that specific man? This is the first time I have experienced a physical manifestation of psychic power and it worries me because I do not want to cause harm unintentionally to those that I love. Any similar experiences, advice, or historical knowledge are greatly welcomed.

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Blisa655 (1 stories) (6 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-20)
Hi, I have had a similar experience.

I had a friend who hooked up with a married man, and I felt that they should feel guilty for being dishonest to the woman who this man was married too. The next day the guy had three nose bleeds and the girl who he had an affair with had three nose bleeds all in the same day. It was unintentional, I didn't mean to do it but my gut was telling me I was the source. You probably get the same feeling.

If you felt as if he should have been guilty of something, I believe this is what caused the nose bleed.
DreamOfMe (5 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-19)
Ask around to your close friends or family if they experience and kind of aura or goosebumps if they are near you?
If no, then your guy is the one who have problems. Like those in Japanese or Korean movies, if a guy have some pervert thinking or hot for girls, their nose bleed.

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