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Living With 3 Negative Energies


My whole life I've been scared of the dark, I'm notorious for racking up the electricity bill every month for the amount of power I use to light my house all night. I can't remember a time where I wasn't scared of the dark, and what's in the dark in my home.

I moved into this house when I was only 3 and I am now 21 and the feeling has always been the same. Absolute terror anytime it's dark in my house. I've told my parents many times but they insist we are the only people who have ever lived in this house, so it's impossible something could be here, but I'm not so confident.

For my whole childhood life, I thought I would out grow the terror with age, like my parents did. I felt that I was just young and imaginative. This continued through my early teen years and when I started watching scary movies, I blamed those. When I turned 17 I became addicted to drugs and again found an excuse as to why I was so scared, lack of sleep, hallucinations from bad drugs, a mind that can't turn off, I told myself again and again these excuses and honestly I believed them. They made sense.

However I am one year sober and now I can say I know something lives in my house with me. First it was a girl. She wears a white dress and has long black hair, I never look at her face, in fact I avoid looking at her as best I can. Although she's never tried to hurt me, I know her intentions are not good. She stares at me every night, she kneels at the bottom step and stares when I go to the bathroom, that's when I first saw her smile. She keeps getting braver. She gets a little closer sometimes and she just watches me pass, she's always just watching me. She never has come into my bedroom. Not ever since I've lived here has she broke that barrier. But something has...

He's a tall figure. When I see him in the dark he's darker. He stands much closer than her and he looms over me when I sleep. I often wake up to him so close to my bed I feel chilly as if he's touching me. He has no face, no arms or legs. He's just a black mass (from what I can see) he only is around when I'm in my bed sleeping and I know his intentions are even worse than the girls. He gives me a feeling of dread, and hopelessness. Every time I see him my mind automatically accepts it's own defeat, as if I am already dead. He is the most evil power I have ever encountered. (Please note he is the newest to appear into my home.)

Lastly there is by no other means to describe him, my ghost butler. Although menacing I feel he intends no harm. He stands close to my bed (only on occasion) under a picture I have hung on my wall. He's short and chubby and he hold a platter that's always empty. I paid the most attention to his face because I was not in a panic to run or look away. He's dead and decaying, but he's always smiling and he has black hair that's combed to one side. He wears a suit that is too tight on him and looks aged. Although he doesn't seem to harm me and doesn't show up often I'm still not comfortable with his presence.

These are the spirits in my life, and everyday they take more and more out of me. I'm scared they're breaking me down and weakening me, although I don't know for what. They are not friendly and they do mean me harm, but I've asked them to leave and they won't go. Has anyone experienced these entities or had a similar expierience? Can anyone tell me how to handle them. I went to a medium and she refused me before I came into her store front. I just need answers.

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-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-07)
spirit-world-veteran is right the butler is 99.999% a negitive being if you see him again you should say leave in the name of (then your religious belief). The little girl probably just wants to talk to or warn you. But I believe that the spirits are strong and that is why the psychic wouldn't help (or they were a fraud) one thing I feel like I should tell you the butler seems like a demon. But congratulations for being sober for a year
spirit-world_veteran (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-07)
This is your house, please don't feel like you have to leave it! The girl at the bottom of the stairs WILL NOT hurt you. When she was alive, she was hurt or affected by the spirits in your room when they were also alive. The girl is trapped in the home but she avoids the other spirits by staying downstairs. This girl is kneeling to show you she is innocent and had no mal-intensions, and smiles at you because she is trying to show you that you should not fear her. The times you see her brave enough to creep farther up the stairs is either her not feeling the other spirits as strongly, or her feeling more entitled to bring you downstairs from the other spirits being particularly strong that night. DO NOT be scared of this girl. The 'butler' figure is NOT GOOD in any way. He is allowing the other darker entity to affect you. Whenever this happens again, head downstairs, turn on a few lights and maybe turn on some TV to calm yourself down. If any spirit is to be kind to you in the house, it is the kneeling girl.
Boson (179 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-06)
Hi Ashley,

I would suggest cleansing the house. I don't really suggest that you do it yourself because the fear you feel. I can help you with that (I have done spirit cleansing for many years) if you want. Of course I never charge anything. You can contact me on my website ( It can be done remotely and I don't need your address either.

Kiera (guest)
9 years ago (2015-03-06)
Leave the house. The more you feel as if they have a grip over you the more they control you-the girl sounds as if the more you are scared of her or feel she is weakening you the closer she is getting to getting inside of your head and messing you up. If you can't leave the house for what ever reason do not get scared physicaly tell yourself you are not scared or effectedby their presence. If needed I suggest you actually egnore them laugh at their 'petty' attempts to scaring you.

Hope your ok-kiera
spirit-world_veteran (7 posts)
9 years ago (2015-03-06)
Your story does make me feel sick to my stomach. I have a presumption of what is happening. I will get back to you on this... My mind is spinning right now.

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