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I Can See Spirits And Feel Energies


Ever since I was a little girl I remember seeing spirits. I not only see them, but I feel them. I know whether they have good or bad intentions. When they are demonic I always feel their presence as soon as I walk in the door. I never see them clearly though, only as figures in black or white. They never speak to me they only touch me and show themselves to me.

In my old house I used to see three different spirits frequently in the house. They were always just dark shadowy figures. I would see a woman. She would always be hiding, but watching closely. I believe she was the previous owners mother who died in the house. I also used to see a very tall man. He would watch my mother at night. The third spirit was a very tall dark man, always wearing a hat. He would stand close beside my bed and watch me sleep. Whenever he was near I would wake up at 3am paralyzed with fear after having some horrible violent nightmare. One of the spirits in the house would bang on the walls and had thrown things at me and even growled once.

I always have been able to see and sense spirits for as long as I can remember.

When my grandma was losing her mind and her health was at its worst I saw a spirit attached to her. When my mom moved into a house filled with demons from the previous owner I felt them the instant I walked in and I warned her. Whenever I am at my boyfriends house I see the multiple spirits in his house. His mom practices santeria and I see them frequently. These things used to scare me but now its become normal to me.

In the past I have even had premonitions in my dreams.

Once I dreamed of a house in the woods. I had never been to this house before. I was brought inside the house by an old woman. When the old woman walked me through the door she disappeared. After she was gone a young girl came to me. I still remember every detail of the girls face and outfit. Me and the young girl sat and talked and drank orange juice. Then through the window of the house we saw a shadowy man walk towards the front door. When he came to the door I saw terror in the girls eyes and then she disappeared. Then the man came in and I was left alone running through the house trying to hide. When I ran through the hallway I was sorrounded by children. I broke through the crowd of children and hid in a closet and woke up from the dream with tears in my eyes. I thought it was only a dream even though everythig seemed very real. Two years later I actually visited the house from my dream with my mother and her boyfriend at the time. I slept in the room I had hid in during my dream. Later on I found out that was my mothers boyfriends parents house and his sister was molested by the father. She was the girl in my dream.

Once I even dreamt of a boy who was found dead in the woods and the next morning there was a story on the news about him. I don't often have these dreams, but it does happen.

I also have a strong sense of peoples energies. I can feel peoples good and bad intentions, their pain and suffering, their joy, etc. I always know how a person feels before I speak to them. When I go to parties or concerts and I am in a large crowd it actually makes me sick. I don't enjoy myself because I feel like I am being drained and the multiple energies are too much to handle at once.

I am very confused with myself right now. I want to know why I am like this and what I can do to control my gift or even just use it to my advantage. I would love to help people but I have no idea how to. If anyone has had similar experiences I would love some advice on how I can use this gift of mine.

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bluemoon77 (1 stories) (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-07-31)
Hi Cavisdasey,

After I had read this, I can feel how much you are confused and I hope you're still following your comments. I felt the same way as you when I'm in crowds or parties, I feel drained and it's just too difficult for me to handle. I think you're an empath as you feel emotions and sensitive to energy. You can protect yourself from negative energy.So,don't be too worried. I want to know if you have precognition dreams now. If you have, recall your dreams and write them down.It'll help you to recall them and keep in touch with them.

If you have questions, let me know and I'm always happy to help.

Berellic (54 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-20)
[at] Cavisdasey, it really depends on how much you want to develop your gifts to use them for good. Some people say they want to do something with their abilities and imagine it in their head but don't truly put the effort into being an example to truly help people on another level. What your experiencing now is what I want to say your time of awakening - only in the sense that you are questioning yourself, life, and what your capable of to where within these moments your choices may change the entire course of your life. I say this because that is what I have experienced when I was around the age of 17 - to understand my abilities and what I can do with them. I never thought about helping people with my gifts at the beginning but I progressed myself with the help of others to get to where I am now and help many people.

What are some abilities that you feel you can still use today?

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