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Help Me Save My Brother


Ever since I was younger I have always had dreams that came true it didn't happen often like everyday, but I thought nothing of it because I was so young like maybe 5 or 6. I'm now 19 almost 20 I sometimes have these dreams still I know before I used to lucid dream and not all the time but sometimes I know what someones thinking I know I have a special gift somewhere I don't know what exactly it is but I stopped having all this because I once had a dream of a medium saying how I can become a medium like her but I had to be careful because she said there were demons who were waiting to posses me when I finally open up Emy talents after that scary things have happened to me and everything stopped I imagine a door closing when I'm scared and everything stops after that I wanted nothing to do with anything no lucid dreams no dreams of what will happen in the future no nothing but now I'm asking for help because my uncle was robbed and they shot him about 3 times the bullets broke his left arm and went through his lung and intestines and came out of his hip I was certain he was going to survive this but its almost been 2 weeks and we found out he's only getting worse and he may not make it I am telling you this because I had a dream of him I seen my mom crying and she kissed his hand and as I walked up to his bed they disappeared he wasn't all wired up like before he was dressed normal and could move and talk and breathe on his own he wasn't in any pain and he turned to his side and we began talking well a few days ago my brother had a seizure and went into cardiac arrest please keep in mind he also has Addison disease without his medicine he will die and he hasn't taken his medicine in 5 years I don't know why but my mom stopped buying him the medicine and just now recently tried to get it for him again they have to see the doctor 3 times before they can give him the medication because you know blood work and all that my mom told him to try to make it to end the month for his medicine and he didn't they said he died for about 30 minutes before the paramedics were able to revive him he is now in a coma and might have brain damage or be brain dead so I now have my uncle and brother in the hospital I say this so you guys can have a clearer understanding of the situation in my dream I had mention earlier I was talking to my uncle and he seemed ok and before I could say anything he asked hows your brother? Please keep in mind he doesn't know my brother was in the hospital because it barely happened a day ago and my uncle was sedated in the hospital for almost 2 weeks now I didn't say anything but he told me "its ok Taylor. He is just lost. Help him find his way back" I want to help but I'm not sure how to help my brother find his way back I'm not experienced at all in this stuff and I'm still young with not much money to go to someone and pay for them to help me I closed everything out because I was scared after the last time I was lucid dreaming also after I woke up I told my mom on the phone what I dreamed of about her brother and she said he just got out of his surgery and they haven't been able to see him yet she said she hopes its a good sign but I am not sure can someone give me advice or help me know and understand what I can do to tap into my brother and help him find his way back? Please this is urgent and I don't want him to die.

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Angelica-12 (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-24)
I want to start of saying that I am truly sorry for what you are going thru.
I am a psychic medium, I have only dealt with spirits who have already passed, but I would be willing to try to communicate with your brother. I think it is possible, because I believe the spirit separates itself from the body when a person is in such condition as your brother.
Feel free to email me:
Marthavilla2912 [at]

Just a quick disclaimer, I help people without expecting anything in return as I believe God had given me this gift to help others. Either way I will pray for your brother.
DaysieTanner (guest)
8 years ago (2016-06-17)
I may be able to help you, if with nothing else than with suggestions. If you have been able to hear the thoughts of others, than you may be able to do it again. Sometimes hearing the thoughts of others can have a flip side of being able to project your own thoughts into someone else's mind. It would take a lot of concentration and practice, but I believe if you are determined enough you may be able to do it. I will warn you that it can be very dangerous and quite possibly put you in the hospital, and maybe even make your brothers condition worse. It is rarely a good idea to force your thoughts into someone else's head, so I would use it only as a last resort.

To start off, I would say you should try finding his spirit first. I believe that if someone is in a coma, their spirit could be lingering around their bodies, or he could be trapped within his own mind. I think it depends on the type of coma, which is why I suggested using telepathy. If you would like my help with more suggestions or a better explination, or on how to do any of this than you can email me at p0pc0rnl0ver [at] I cannot guarantee that any of this will work, but if it is to save your brothers life, I think it's worth the try.
trishalynn (3 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-16)
Hey I'm knew to this site. I'm not sure how this web site works. How do I get in touch with people who can help me with my gifts? I'm a medium & have had two near death experiences. I live in an area where my gifts are frowned upon. I would love to find someone who can share their experiences with me & help me to take my next step. My email is trishhill69 [at] I would appreciate anyone's input. Thanks
Victoria1893 (20 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-16)
I just want to say that you don't need to open up to the spiritual to get possessed. People are commonly getting controlled by demons without knowing it. And when I say possession don't always think about a person's limbs flipping over, walking on all 4s with the tongue out and the head rotating 360 degrees. Demons just project their energy into you creating thoughts and emotions that aren't yours but you think are like anger, depression, fear, anxiety, hate etc. Everyone has felt like this, and when you're in that state then they can take a more direct control. Think of it like someone's completely mad and they take their car and drive 150km/h and they crash and die. That is possession.

That lady in the dream could've been a demon herself.

Did the dream with your uncle happen before your brother going to the hospital?

We aren't miracle doers here, and anyone you find that's going to help you for money is just going to take the cash and leave you. The only one that can truly help you right now is God. I suggest praying to Him with all your heart and soul and sincerity for your brother to heal.

Hope things get good
Feel free to email me for anything, address on my profile page.
jasmine_glaze (84 posts)
8 years ago (2016-06-16)
Hey MoonlitSailor,

I'm sorry that the sad things happen in your life, I see you're not taking it too well. The way you're writing the post is quite chaotic but it's fully understandable.

Howerver, after reading your story i'd like you to reassure me that I understood the situation correctly. Both your brother and your uncle are in the hospital.

1. Uncle has been going through the surgery and your family hasn't seen him yet?
2. Your brother has cardiac arrest and is currently in coma with the possible brain damage?
3. Could you explain a little more about this dream with bringing back your brother? How do you understand "bringing him back"?
4. After the even with the medium, how did you take the infomation about the demons? Are you worried about them possessing you?
5. In the past have you done anything to connect better to spirituality for example meditation? If yes, are you still doing anything like this?

I would like to hear more details about it to make sure I can give you a proper advice or help. If you wish to keep it private, you can email me anytime.


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