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Spirit Laying On Top Of Me


I'm a 16 year old girl who lives in the Netherlands. I have had a weird experience this night and I was wondering if some of you could help me figure out what it means or have experienced the same.

I couldn't sleep very well this night, I was constantly woken up or busy in my mind in a sort of half asleep half awake set of mind. After only having slept for about an hour in total, at about 5 am I was wide awake. Suddenly, when I was laying on my right side, I felt an enormous pressure on top of me, pushing me into the bed. It started at my legs but then it felt like a head started to rest on top of me as well. I couldn't move and only whisper. I heard high pitching sounds and some kind of a feminine moan, when all of the sudden the pressure lifted. I could see the face of a man with glasses and a bald head, followed by images of stop signs and levers being pulled. Then, everything faded away and I was covered in sweat.

Somehow, I didn't feel afraid at all. It didn't feel like an evil presence, so I stayed very calm to my own surprise where normally I would have totally freaked out. I'm sure it wasn't a dream, because I was very awake and conscious at the moment it happened.

Does anybody know what this means? Is this a spirit visiting me? I've had some experiences before, but always ones that involve smell, emotions and physical feelings (such as the feeling of being choked/nausiated/etc.) but I've never actually seen a spirit.

I hope some of you can help me! Thanks in advance!

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rlacy (2 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-19)
I woke up one night and I saw a girl sitting on my husbands chest just watching him sleep. When I told her to get off him, she just looked at me, smiled and turned back to look at him. She finally left after I told her to get off him again.
mazab84 (2 stories) (71 posts)
11 years ago (2012-11-12)
There are things such as sleep paralysis that can have these kinds of affects on us where we feel pushed or held down & see things we wouldn't normally see. Bearing in mind the fact that you were completely awake in your opinion I would have to rule sleep paralysis out but just felt like it throw it in there. If infact it was a spirit you encountered in visitation I would take onboard how you didn't feel afraid or weren't hysterical as a positive. It would be understandable if you felt scared also. The detail surrounding your experience has a lot of depth to it. The question is what do you interpret it as? And what do you do with this information. At the very least keep a journal of your experiences & piece it together. The signs you were shown in my opinion is what he wanted to pass on as information. It may seem random to us but the spirit has made contact for a reason. The sounds you heard were feminine? I wonder if you were unconciously channeling this spirit as I can't seem to piece what you seen & heard in with being pressed down into bed unless it was because of channeling. I can only provide guesswork i'm afraid but would love to hear about other experiences you've had. Given that this is your 1st story I don't know if you meditate atall. This would be helpful for you & you could also look into the basic principles of protection for your own wellbeing. Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Love & Light

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