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Something Is Haunting Me


I recently moved into a home that was built in the 1930's. It's beautiful. I've seen and felt many "supernatural experiences".

It started happening on the 3rd day after I moved in. I went out side to hang washing on the line and as I was walking back I noticed the door I had left opened was now closed and I saw a man, in a suit staring at me through the glass! He walked away and the door was locked. I had to walk around and use the front door.

On another night, I heard noise in the kitchen. It was about 3:15am. As I walked into the kitchen, every single cupboard door and draw was open and food was stacked up on the kitchen bench.

Most nights I hear banging. It comes in threes! It's always after 3am. I googled these experiences and found an article that said "3am is the Demonic witching hour" is this true?

Just last night, I felt heavy breathing on my pillow, with the tiny light that was shining into my room, I saw a figure in the corner, call me crazy or a liar but I know what I saw, it had horns on its head.

I'm terrified for my safety and for my life. What do these spirits want? Are they ghosts, demons? Can theses things hurt my physically? Do they want me gone.? I have never experienced anything like this in my life. And I don't believe in it all. But I can't deny or ignore what's happening.

I can't afford to move, all my money is tied up in this place.

What I do know, is that since the first day I moved in, I feel tired all the time. I feel heavy, like a weight on my shoulders. I don't know how much fight I have left in me!

I am filled with sheer terror. Please help me! Please!

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Nightingale (145 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-12)
Hello cam-1989,
Please be careful. Do you live alone? I would advise trying to have someone sleep over with you for a while. If these occurrences continue or worsen then you need to try and find help to come to you.
If this is an angry spirit you could be in danger. Hopefully someone can try to find out what he wants and ask him to leave. If this does not work a psychic may try to force him out. In this case you should have protections laid.
Use your instincts. If you feel you are in danger, get out of the house, at least temporarily. Whoever he is wants you gone it sounds like. If you can record any activity, then try while you're out of the house, it could help figure out what's going on.
I wish you safty and peace,
spirit-world_veteran (7 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-08)
I would listen 100% to what Thulsa and Enceladus said! Going with what Enceladus said, parts of my house where I put crystals are calm from activity but places I don't put them always have a heavy and tight, enclosing feeling. Going with what Thulsa said...couldn't say it any better:)
-_-Sleepy-_- (3 stories) (33 posts)
7 years ago (2015-03-01)
It sounds like a demon I know they like to scare you cause its fun to them but I would get a priest to cast out a demon or purify them
Thulsa (1 stories) (34 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-27)
Cam 1989, This sounds just like a story I read 2 years ago. In fact it is almost the same. The advice I give you may not be welcome but it is proven to help. I believe you are dealing with an upper level demon and 2 minions. The 3:00 am witching hour you speak of is know as the unholy trinity concept. Everything in Satanic worship or Satanism is a mockery of Christ and the Christian religion. Everything in divisions or multiples of three with evil intent is usually used in rituals and ceremonies of power and curse setting. Example is sacrifices at 9pm 12pm and 3am with the final curse and seal at 3am. Numbers 333 666 999 and so on. Even in mythology and legends and stories. Three witches at the cauldron. Three loud bangs at the door at night or on the ceiling above you. It all has meaning and symbolism. All through history it has been woven in. Now no matter what you have been told evil entities can not be dealt with in a seance or with a channeler and cleansing sometimes only angers a high level demon. Think polar opposite of an angel. The only way to stop them is through God or the invoking of the word and ritualistic cleansing with salt sage and holy water, depending on the severity. I do not know your background, but I believe someone in the past has opened a portal in or just outside your home. Many times as a sensitive I will walk into an area and it is like I walked into a wall or a gigantic spider web and every step I take brings more resistance. Sometimes the air feels thick and choking or I feel like I have dove into the water 100 feet down and the weight is pushing in on me from all directions. This is when I know I have entered into an evil realm or possession of space. If you feel any of these feelings you may be under spiritual attack. You need serious religious intervention. One way of checking is to bring religious objects into the home or play religious music and observe what happens in the area. Make sure to have a witness with you when you do it. Keep a talisman on your body for protection or carry a bible. If nothing happens bring another symbol or item once a week and place in one room after another until there is something in every room of the house. If everything stops, great. If it gets worse than you need to bring in outside help for sure. Make note of when it happens or under what exact situations it happens. If it comes in threes it is definitely not nice and will be more than just a passing soul. It will also become violent at the reading of a bible or the use of God's name in any tongue. Be advised it may get worse before it get's better. Right this moment it or they are feeding on your fears and ill try to scare you even more. You can also picture God's all consuming bright white light and Love. Picture him giving you a great big tight Grandma or Grandpa type of hug whenever you start to feel scared. This should help. Keep us all posted on how you are doing.
Boson (179 posts)
7 years ago (2015-02-26)
Hi cam-1989,

I would have your house cleansed if I were you. It may not be healthy for your to let this spirits activity go on. If you need help with the cleansing, just let me know (you can contact me at I am not trying to make any money - I help people for free. I have done this for many years.

Enceladus (guest)
7 years ago (2015-02-26)
Those entities haunting you can be dangerous. I believe you that there is a demon in your house. Perhaps you could burn sage or incense around the house. About 3 AM, that is the demonic hour. I watched many ghost hunting shows, and the activity spikes up dramatically at this hour, especially the demonic. Call for protection from your guides. All you have to do is ask for them to protect you. Crystals help as well, especially black crystals (tourmaline being the most recommended). This website should help you with choosing crystals:
I believe that crystals will help keep negative energies away. The higher the vibration, the stronger it will protect. For example, I wear my moldavite and obsidian necklace everyday, and I feel great and protected everyday. Some energies will be potent just to warn you. I hope this information helps you in some way. Also, think positive! Being down lowers your vibration making you vulnerable! I pray that you will be safe. Demonic entities are smarter than what they seem.

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