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Unsure Of Haunting


I have had a recurring nightmare /dream since I can remember. It has now changed since I have aged, but still has the same theme. I'm in a large home (mansion) sometimes it is an all wood home, sometimes it is a Victorian home;all the way to a modern home. The furniture sometimes is covered with dust and cobwebs and sometimes everything is spotless. Also, sometimes my three children are there and sometimes I am alone.

The house always fascinates me. I enjoy exploring the different rooms up until a point because I know something is there waiting for me. There is a man (ghost /demon) that is there in my dream that is calling me to come to him. I am terrified. I know he wants me to come to him, but I won't. When my children are in the dream, he starts moving their toys, etc... He is only messing with them because it gets to me. I can feel his presence getting stronger. I can feel myself starting to panic. I feel as if I am paralyzed at first but then my strength kicks in. I hide my children and run to where he may be. I lock doors and move furniture in front of the doors. I begin telling him "No and that he is not allowed here". I tell him to go away. I can feel him getting near and I begin screaming and telling him Go Away and to leave me alone.

I awake from the dream because I am talking, or screaming. My heart is racing, I'm shaking and I am terrified. Now it's been about three months since this recurring dream. I feel a little crazy for saying this, but I have a bad feeling that I may have been his at one point and he still won't let me go. Now can anyone explain this to me?

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